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Eggplant Sandwiches - farnfam - 05-14-2010

This is a new thing for me, recently an Italian Deli opened in Watertown, Wow. And this is one of their feature lunch treats. Two nice slices of eggplant, lightly breaded and fried, covering a slice of roasted pepper and a slice of mozzarella,finished with a Balsamic drizzle.
My friend and I have done our own version: oven fry the eggplant slices, and I subbed provolone for the mozz for a bit more kick.
Tomorrow, we hike Chimney Mt and they are going in our picnic lunch along with a nice bottle of white wine. James thought it would be nice to find a little Adirondack motel and spend the night, so we can fish Thirteenth Lake on Sunday. Planning to take pix and let you all know how it went

Re: Eggplant Sandwiches - Becky13 - 05-14-2010

Mmmmm, I love eggplant and will definitely try this!

Re: Eggplant Sandwiches - chef_Tab - 05-14-2010

waaaahhhhh, I want to come. Sounds so romantic. Have a wonderful time, Cis. Who's watching Lola???

Re: Eggplant Sandwiches - farnfam - 05-14-2010

Oh they are so good!
Theresa, if you come will it still be romantic....well, I guess if you bring Wally Lola's Auntie Ann is coming to stay with her

Re: Eggplant Sandwiches - Gourmet_Mom - 05-14-2010

Cis, I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! We are in a dilemma about traveling. What to do with Cricket? We have come to realize renting an RV is out of the question....WAY too expensive! She can't travel with us in my little car...actually, William admitted HE couldn't travel in my little car either...LOL! We are now on hold for a while longer. WHAAAAAAAAAAA!

Re: Eggplant Sandwiches - cjs - 05-15-2010

Oh Piddle, Daphne!

Cis, this sounds like such a fun weekend. And the sandwiches sound delicious also.

Re: Eggplant Sandwiches - Gourmet_Mom - 05-15-2010

I know! I'm still working on it, though.

Re: Eggplant Sandwiches - farnfam - 05-17-2010

We had the best weekend! After all the overtime James has been working we sure needed a time out.
Here are some pix of the highlights of Indian Lake

The chimney at Chimney Mt. (a long, somewhat challenging hike to the top)
[Image: IndnLke0003.jpg]

[Image: IndnLke0000.jpg]

View of lakes from top
[Image: IndnLke0007.jpg]

Thirteenth Lake
[Image: IndnLke0008.jpg]

James on the big chair
[Image: IndnLke0016.jpg]

Re: Eggplant Sandwiches - Gourmet_Mom - 05-17-2010

I LOVE the picture of the lake, especially! (I'm a sucker for water pictures.) But that picture of James on the big chair is hilarious!!!!!! It's a GREAT optical illusion! Thanks for sharing Cis! It's good to have you back. I hope you two are back on a more normal schedule....we've missed you guys!

Re: Eggplant Sandwiches - cjs - 05-18-2010

How fun and exhausting that must have been. That's such a funny pic of James in the chair.