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salt block - piano226 - 06-03-2010


I used the salt block for Scallops and than I sliced some beef and grilled it. We loved scallops...the beef next time i would not slice as thinly, it was just a bit too salted and i did not take it off on time and the meat was well done which I am not crazy about. I also did the same cut of meat the regular way. Had a friend over for dinner and both him and I voted that the more flavorful meat was the one cooked on the salt block. I just need to change the thickness of the meat I put on it and the cook time. I love that thing and you should see how gorgeous it is when it arrives , was almost a shame to put it on the grill and use it.

Re: salt block - cjs - 06-03-2010

I left my beef on just 15-20 seconds each side and it was still pink in the center. Here's the picture so you can see how thin mine was cut.

[Image: SteakonSaltBlock2.jpg]

How did you serve the scallops, Marina? We just sampled them by themselves and found the salt overpowered them. I'm thinking I needed to add the scallops to something to smooth out the flavor.

Re: salt block - Mare749 - 06-03-2010

Oh my, Ron would love this!

Re: salt block - farnfam - 06-03-2010

Just showed it to Jame, he is also very interested.
Where did you two buy yours? I found a spot called Meadow or some such?

Re: salt block - HomeCulinarian - 06-03-2010

I think I need a salt block!

Re: salt block - cjs - 06-03-2010

Meadow is where Don bought mine - it's in Portland, but I don't know if they have other outlets, shipping would be expensive, cause they are dang heavy. But, maybe Marina got a good deal on shipping????

Yes, Jeanette, you need one too!

Re: salt block - piano226 - 06-03-2010


I bought the block from the They have free shipping so it worked out great.

Jean, I threw my scallops right on the block but I would agree that they do absorb a lot of salt flavor. I loved them, on a little salty side but than I am a salt freak. But next time...i think if you spray the block with some pam or melt some butter or oil on it they will not be as salty. Overall this was for sure a hit and what a conversation piece.

Re: salt block - DFen911 - 06-04-2010

Wait a minute...what?

Salt block cooking? I thought they were just for I do...

Re: salt block - cjs - 06-04-2010

Stay with us here, Denise!!

Re: salt block - Harborwitch - 06-04-2010

I tried the link - their website is down right now. Sur La Table has an 8 x 12 x 1 1/2 on sale. Now must figure out if the "Grill Meister" needs one for Father's Day or if I have to have an early birthday present.

Just what we need - more gadgets, but it wouldn't take up much room in the motorhome.