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Recipe Book Challenge - June 2010 - cjs - 06-08-2010

I'm throwing down the gauntlet!!! Anyone with me?

Starting Tuesday, June 8, 2010, I will choose one cookbook from the stack of 'never used' books in my house and I will cook a minimum of 4 recipes from each book within the month. (the first will be a week short and will end June 30, 2010)

I will leave this a sticky thread as long as anyone else participates along with me.

June 2010 Cookbook chosen: GoatCheese by Maggie Foard.

edited Wed. 6/9 - well, changed my mind already. But, it does make much more sense for me to do this. Since I'm finishing up my latest project, dinners will be haphazard at best for the next weeks. So, I'm choosing a book I bought for the trailer, and haven't used yet, that will solve my dinner problems...

Half-Scratch Magic
("200 ways to pull dinner out of a hat using a can of soup or other tasty shortcuts") This should be interesting.

And a 2nd book also to work in in between, Volume 1 of [Email]C@H[/Email] - issues #1 thru #6. O.K., this is written in stone!

Who else is in?

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - labradors - 06-08-2010

Not sure if I'll be able to join in or not. Most of my "never-used" cookbooks are in the States, but I did bring back digital photos of some of the recipes from them (in fact, one of those was the Popcorn Bread). Also, I do have a LOT of other recipes, from various sources, on my computer. Either way, there's no shortage of recipes - shall just have to see how the budget holds out.

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - Mare749 - 06-08-2010

This sounds like fun and would motivate me to try more new recipes, but I'll be gone for a week. Maybe when I get back...

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - farnfam - 06-08-2010

I'll try this, but it's going to be the C@H issues I never got to. Don't really have a lot of cookbooks, guess I'm a bit of a minimalist

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - cjs - 06-08-2010

I'm going to work those in also, Cis. Good idea - especially given the forum this is....

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - Bizymomma - 06-08-2010

Well, at last count, I had 273 I think this would be a fun challenge. My only problem is my picky husband! LOL Guess I'll just keep some extra cans of Spam handy..*gag, gag*

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - cjs - 06-08-2010

Make him some spam burritos, Angela!

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - Bizymomma - 06-08-2010

Oh Jean, I'm not quite sure how I feel about that! LOL!!

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - Gourmet_Mom - 06-08-2010

Well, I'm is almost out. I don't have a new cookbook for this month, but there IS that Martha Stewart on Mom got me from the consignment shop OR I could use the Marcella Hazaan (sp?). I don't think I ever did make anything out of that.

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - cjs - 06-08-2010

Those are the books to look for, Daphne!

Angela, they are good! Old Bay was skeptical and I dared him to make them and he liked them too!