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Cleveland's Asiatown - Mare749 - 07-12-2010

Asiatown covers several streets just outside of downtown Cleveland. Over the weekend, Ron and I stopped by Asia Foods on our way down to the lake and found out it had moved to a new location within a mall. There are two floors, lots of art work and paintings, a couple of gold fish ponds and of course Asia Food Company. The renovation is not complete yet, but will include restaurants and office space.

While we were shopping, I took some pictures to show the work in progress, but should have taken more pictures of the food stalls in Asia Foods. They have a bakery, sandwich counter, hot food counter and two fish counters, in addition to fresh produce, cooking utensils, dishes, and several long aisles with grocery items.

Re: Cleveland's Asiatown - Gourmet_Mom - 07-12-2010

WOW, Maryann...that place is HUGE and GORGEOUS! Poor me...I have to settle for a little dinky market...but at least I have that, even if I do have to drive 45 minutes to get to it.

Re: Cleveland's Asiatown - Mare749 - 07-12-2010

It's only because we have an Asian population here that we have several markets to choose from. It is fun to visit them though.

Re: Cleveland's Asiatown - cjs - 07-13-2010

Oh my, wouldn't it be fun to get lost in that place!!! How fun.

Re: Cleveland's Asiatown - Lorraine - 07-13-2010

i love those kind of places. You can walk through our Asian Market in 2 minutes, but, it's better than not having one at all.

Re: Cleveland's Asiatown - foodfiend - 07-13-2010

A friend owns a Chinese restaurant and occasionally he will put out a "closed" sign on his business and he and his girlfriend will take off for Cleveland's Asiatown for a day. He returns with lots of different ingredients and ideas, and very full of dim sum. I've been wanting to make the trip someday. You're so fortunate to have this close by, Maryann!

Re: Cleveland's Asiatown - Mare749 - 07-13-2010

You should think about going with him sometime, Vicci. You might try some interesting dishes that you normally wouldn't give a second glance. If you ever do this, please report back and tell me where you went for dim sum and what you had. Better yet, call me and we will meet you for dim sum and a good shopping trip.