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Some C@H Reviews - esgunn - 07-25-2010

As I mentioned we had an impromtu appetizer dinner last night. My girlfriend and her daughter came down and while the kids played outside, we played inside. Made a few new recipes from various C@H books/issues.

We had deviled eggs and I made a fresh herb viniagrette and marinated mushrooms and then grilled them. Yummy.

From Issue 82 August 2010
Tomato Tarts withh goat cheese and basil

These were very easy to make and very tasty. I made two with goat cheese, but since I am not a fan of goat cheese i made to whith garilc and herb cheese - Alloutte or Rondele I think. Big Hit. and very pretty.

From the grilling book with the five spice glazed chicken on it:

Grilled Zucchini roll-ups with feta and herbs.
We really liked these, the flavors were great. But I think my small zucchini were just a little too small. I also don't think I let them cool enough (missed reading that step) and my cheese just sort of melted. I did think the full amount of oil and lemon juice made the cheese spread a little too stoft. I think I would add the oil as needed not just dump it all in.

From the newest book: Fresh and Fabulous
Endive Spoons with Chicken Pate. This pate (chicken salad) was really good. Loved all the flavors. The store did not have endive so had to skip that step. Would have loved having the endive spoons though.

And for dessert also from Fresh and Fabulous:
Raspberry Fools. I had picked raspberries that morning. and this is such an easy dessert. Has become my kids favorite. Just simple and very pretty. How can you go wrong with fresh raspberries and whipped cream?

The two wines we served were:
Rock Point River Rock Red wine from Oregon. This is a very light red with a lot of berry flavors. It was good.

Renwood 2006 Zinfandel Old Vine. Amador County Ca.
This was a specatular wine. So smooth and such a nice flavor. My friend brought it, she had got it as a gift.

Re: Some C@H Reviews - luvnit - 07-25-2010

Wow! Great reviews Erin. Thank you. You have been a busy, busy woman. Sounds like you and the kids are eating well. Hope all is going for you all. I think about you and the kids often. I bet they can't wait for fall gymnastics. I am going to check into that for my kids this fall.

Re: Some C@H Reviews - Mare749 - 07-25-2010

Erin, it sounds like you had a really great time. Thank you for the great reviews. I am so impressed with your strength and determination to make the most of it while your hubby is away, even though I know you are counting the days.

Re: Some C@H Reviews - Gourmet_Mom - 07-25-2010

WOW, Erin! What great picks! I've had my eye on all but the zucchini recipe (William's not a fan), especially the tomato tarts. I may just have to put an appetizer dinner on the menu for next week. We LOVE that kind of dinner.

I'll note both of those wines, especially the Renwood. That sounds really familiar, and I love a good Zinfandel.

Re: Some C@H Reviews - Mare749 - 07-25-2010

I'm glad you mentioned that, Daphne. We love an appetizer dinner any time. Will have to do that soon.

Re: Some C@H Reviews - luvnit - 07-25-2010

We love appetizer dinners and used to do them once a week. Gosh I miss those.

Re: Some C@H Reviews - Harborwitch - 07-25-2010

We used to do those a lot too. I think lack of ingredients may be a factor here.

Erin your reviews are wonderful - have been wanting to try the tomato tarts.

Re: Some C@H Reviews - HomeCulinarian - 07-26-2010

Thanx for the reviews, Erin! I'm waiting for our tomatoes to ripen so I can try the tomato tart, too.

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

Re: Some C@H Reviews - cjs - 07-26-2010

Great reviews, Erin - will add your notes to the pages, of the books I have. They all sound like what I'd like to play with, too.