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Recipe Book Challenge - August 2010 - cjs - 08-02-2010

Anyone ready to go another month with this???? I sure am.

And, in keeping with our hiatus from good cooking, I'm choosing appropriate publications to cook from.

Four (at least) dishes from each of -

Cuisine Lite books
one has Chicken Roulades on the cover
one is the new one, Fresh & Fabulous

This should not be hard to do considering the rave reviews coming in about the Fresh & Fab one.

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - August 2010 - Gourmet_Mom - 08-02-2010

I'm in! I've picked one "good" book and one "bad" book. I picked the "bad" book because I've had this one for about 3 years and don't think I've cooked anything from it.

The "good": Fresh and Fabulous
The "bad": Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

I wanted to pick Fast Food My Way, but since it's a bad book, too, I decided to pick one I've had for a while and save my new one for next month.

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - August 2010 - Mare749 - 08-02-2010

I am just now ordering both of those books, so will have to save them for September's challenge. I'm going to look through some back issues of Cuisine and pick four "lite" recipes that I have not tried yet, and that will be my challenge for August.

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - August 2010 - Cubangirl - 08-03-2010

I must have missed it, but what makes Fast Food My Way a bad book? Also how do I get to the previous pages of this challenge? I have not been cooking much, so I was saving reading this for when I return from FL in the fall, and start cooking for real again, but can only see August. Thanks.

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - August 2010 - cjs - 08-03-2010

The thread is here - it's still alive and well, just not a 'sticky' anymore.

Daphne only means Jacques' book is bad in the way it's not healthy dishes. But, I've got to say most of them (his recipes) are not really too bad for you.

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - August 2010 - Gourmet_Mom - 08-03-2010

I'm sorry for the confusion, Cubangirl. Yes, I was referring to the healthy issue. The first marked recipe I looked at was a luscious dish of shrimp that had a whole cup of cream in it...LOL!

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - August 2010 - cjs - 08-31-2010

Well, since I'm having pizza tonight and not from one of the two books I chose for the month, I'll start the reviewing.

Cuisine Light -
Turkey Chiles Rellenos - didn't really care for and the surprising heat from the poblanos (and the chili powder?) made the rellenos just to hot to enjoy.

The refried beans were good, but so similar to what I already make.

Fresh & Light -
Apricot Lamb Chops with Snap Peas & Leeks - for me just so-so, Roy really liked the flavors.

Almond rice -very tasty and great with a Sauv.Blanc

I guess my problem as Theresa (?) pointed out was my taste buds must have been really off while I was sick. so, take my reviews with a grain of salt.

Afraid I was not on top of this challenge this month.

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - August 2010 - Mare749 - 08-31-2010

"Afraid I was not on top of this challenge this month."

Ditto. I wasn't on top of it at all. Too many distractions, too busy having fun.

Cuisine Lite
Made the Mushroom Barley yesterday. It was okay, but needed some doctoring. Ron didn't care for it, so won't be a repeat.

Also made the above mentioned Turkey Chile Rellenos. Again, it was okay, but not one that we'll have again.

The Carb Lovers Diet
Black Bean Tacos. Had this for lunch one day with my daughter. We both liked it and will have it again. Keeps you full for hours.

Grilled Burger and Three Bean Salad. Very tasty (mostly due to using Jean's dressing recipe) Will do again.

Re: Recipe Book Challenge - August 2010 - Gourmet_Mom - 08-31-2010

Well, I failed miserably this month. Between starting back to school and worrying about starting back to school, I just lost my inspiration. I'm planning to get back to meal planning, so I'll probably do mine NEXT month. I'll report in here if I finally get them done.