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Hey There, Marye & Erin... - cjs - 08-13-2010

God didn't forget us - we have sunshine for the first time (in the a.m.) in almost a month!!!! It's gorgeous. Enjoy!

I'm on my outside to read my book in the sunshine - I don't feel good anyway, I tried to stay away from Roy's cold, but it didn't work -feel like h*ll.

Re: Hey There, Marye & Erin... - Gourmet_Mom - 08-13-2010

I'm sorry you don't feel well, Jean. I'm sure the sunshine will perk you up quickly. Enjoy!

Re: Hey There, Marye & Erin... - esgunn - 08-13-2010

Yes! I am so happy to have sun! I think we are supposed to have it for a whole week!

Sorry you and Roy don't feel well. The kids have been battling a little something too. Hasn't taken them out, just slowed them down a little.

Soke up that vitamin D and take a little extra C.

Re: Hey There, Marye & Erin... - Harborwitch - 08-13-2010

Relax and enjoy the sun! For lunch you need chicken stock infused with lemon and garlic.

We've got sun, clouds, humidity, heat, and they say another night of thunderstorms. Last night Bob disconnected us and pulled the motorhome into the quonset hut because they were forcasting 80 mph winds.

Re: Hey There, Marye & Erin... - chef_Tab - 08-13-2010

Sorry you don't feel well Jean. I would tell you to spank Roy, but he might enjoy that.

Oddly enough, it has been so hot and sunny here, I was thrilled to have a cool rainy day or two.

Re: Hey There, Marye & Erin... - karyn - 08-13-2010

Fell better Jean and Roy!

I can't tell you how excited I am about the 60% chance of rain we have forecast for the weekend, but my sister in San Diego would kill for two straight days of sun. Either weather is really weird, or I want a job where you can be so wrong so often.

Re: Hey There, Marye & Erin... - Harborwitch - 08-13-2010

Used to say the weatherman was 90% right 10% of the time. Here they seem to be right frequently - it's just that they don't let you know until it's almost too late.

Re: Hey There, Marye & Erin... - mjkcooking - 08-14-2010

Hi Everyone

Sun shining is wonderful I work in air conditioning so this is the best time
of the year -