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Drooling for tacos - labradors - 08-15-2010

It was 10PM, and I decided to see what was on the El Gourmet channel. This time, it was one of the shows I haven't watched very often - that of chef Eduardo Osuna. Am I ever glad I decided to watch it this time!

Right at the beginning, I noticed he had a duck on the counter, so that, of course, caught my attention and pulled me into the show right away. It only got better and better from there.

Ultimately, he wound up making a trio of really yummy-sounding soft tacos. I shan't post the full recipe (unless someone requests it), but shall just give the general idea. Even now it has me salivating, and it's 11PM!

Taco filling #1:
  • Duck that has been roasted and then diced and fried in a sauté pan with some onions until the onions caramelise.
Taco filling #2:
  • Strips of nopales (prickly-pear cactus) grilled in olive oil then allowed to cool
  • Olive oil
  • White vinegar
  • Pico de gallo
Taco Filling #3 - All the following sautéed together in olive oil:
  • Brunoise of onions
  • Brunoise of celery
  • Brunoise of fennel
  • Sliced serrano chiles
  • Crab meat
The sauce - All the following puréed together:
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Tomatillos
  • Cilantro
  • Lemon juice
  • Avocado
WOW! Now THOSE sound like some AMAZING tacos!

Re: Drooling for tacos - Harborwitch - 08-15-2010

Wow those sure sound good, especially the crab ones. Yum. Now you have me drooling.

Re: Drooling for tacos - cjs - 08-15-2010

Well, I'm drooling. They do sound so good. About time for some more duck around this house, I'm thinking. copied.

I'm also growing some tomatillas - they got a late start but they are coming along.

Re: Drooling for tacos - Gourmet_Mom - 08-15-2010

I'll take a #1 and #3 Combo, please!

Re: Drooling for tacos - luvnit - 08-15-2010

I think I will try one of each!

Re: Drooling for tacos - foodfiend - 08-16-2010

I see nopales in the store and wonder what to do with them-- now I know one thing! Those sound really good.

Poor, poor little duck...

Re: Drooling for tacos - labradors - 08-16-2010


I see nopales in the store and wonder what to do with them-- now I know one thing!

For preparation, try THIS VIDEO.


Those sound really good.

I'm still drooling. LOL! Seriously, they sound really good. A little pricier than most tacos, but what a combo platter!


Poor, poor little duck...

Yummy, yummy little duck.

Re: Drooling for tacos - foodfiend - 08-16-2010

Uh oh, nopales need to be prepared?!?! Labs, I can't watch you-tube on my dial up. I just found out that they have spines (needles), and epicurious has step-by- step directions on how to remove them.

Now, I just read that the canned version is horrible, and I should search for the fresh ones. Is this true? I've only seen canned, but I'd bet that the Mexican store near downtown Pgh would have fresh.

Re: Drooling for tacos - Harborwitch - 08-16-2010

I've had them fresh - not crazy about them. I think it's like okra - ya do or ya don't.

I'm gonna drag my duck out of the freezer.

Re: Drooling for tacos - labradors - 08-16-2010

Vicci, I don't know about the canned ones. For that matter, I don't really know about the fresh ones, either, since I have never used them, yet. My ONE experience with nopales is that the Marie Sharp's Green Habanero Sauce that I use contains nopales (actually the first ingredient on the label), and I love that sauce. The video link was an interesting method of cleaning off the spines using a green scouring pad, instead of a knife.

Funny, but I just turned on the TV and that channel, and that particular show about the tacos is replaying right now, as I type this.