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Sunday Dinner, 8/29/10 - cjs - 08-29-2010

Today's my sister's birthday...she's gettng old.

What's on everyone's menu for today?

Lunch is Orecchiette with White beans and pesto
Dinner is Wild rice & chicken soup

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/29/10 - chef_Tab - 08-29-2010

I am cooking for our winery owner friends at their house tonight. Since Joe is such a fan of German things, I thought I would make a roast pork and spaetzle with some roasted asparagus on the side. They just returned from a trip to the Finger Lakes and brought back new wines to try.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/29/10 - BarbaraS - 08-29-2010

Oooooo, one of these years the hubby and I are going to take a week off and hit the wine trail up there. His late brother and the wife got a case of syrah from the Wagner vineyard that is absolutely delish! Unfortunately, that vineyard only sells privately and you can't get it in any store.


Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/29/10 - Trixxee - 08-29-2010

Back from camping and needless to say I've got loads and loads of laundry to do so I'm taking it easy - I'll heat up some stuffed shells I made a few weeks ago and froze.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/29/10 - cjs - 08-29-2010

And, MS Trixxee, did you and your girlfriend enjoy your cocktails while the guys set up camp??????

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/29/10 - Trixxee - 08-29-2010

My sister and I enjoyed them immensely! And what a pretty picture it was with peach slices and tangelo slices.

I really feel like summer is over now and I don't know how I feel about that. I should get out some C@H issues and look for some fall dishes to make - that will make me feel better.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/29/10 - Mare749 - 08-29-2010

I can't wait to hear about the orecchiette dish, Jean.

We're having grilled vegetables & Italian turkey sausage, with grilled corn on the cob. It's one of those lazy Sundays; sitting outside enjoying happy hour and playing Mancala. Gosh, that game is addictive!

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/29/10 - Old Bay - 08-29-2010

We're going to do something with halibut a friend brought us.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/29/10 - Trixxee - 08-29-2010


I can't wait to hear about the orecchiette dish, Jean.

Same! Love to hear about it.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 8/29/10 - pjcooks - 08-29-2010

Grilled chicken legs, fresh bread and salad for Picky. I'm thinking of trying the shrimp, tomato and goat cheese pasta from the new issue. Which I finally got. Yesterday.