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Sour taste in crockpot - farnfam - 08-31-2010

Lately everything I cook in my crockpot gets a sour taste to it. It smells off too. Anyone else experience this? I've cleaned the insert over and over, but doesn't seem to help.

Re: Sour taste in crockpot - cjs - 08-31-2010

I've never experienced this, Cis - what a turn off that would be. Just a thought, does anything else smell 'off' that you are used to?

Re: Sour taste in crockpot - Mare749 - 08-31-2010

No, haven't had that happen, thank goodness. Is the insert scratched? Not sure if that would make a difference or not, but it could retain smells more. If the CP is fairly new, you could try calling the 800 number.

Re: Sour taste in crockpot - farnfam - 08-31-2010

The insert looks ok. I am doing an experiment with it today. I washed and scrubbed with a soft scrub type cleanser. First I heated just the "pot" part, no smell, then I added the insert, no smell yet, next I put water in it and then the lid. I've got it on high and no smell yet. So either I cleaned it right, or it's been in the food. Side note: I did a meatloaf the other day on the aluminum wrap (so it never touched the insert) and it still tasted awful

Re: Sour taste in crockpot - farnfam - 08-31-2010

part 2 of crockpot experiment. I have added dry minced onion to the water as somewhere else it was suggested that this makes the smell/taste. So far no smell. I sure hope the softscrub cleaning was the ticket...and also, I won't ever put it in the dishwasher again

Re: Sour taste in crockpot - esgunn - 08-31-2010

Cis, Hope you figure it out. I Have stopped putting raw onion in my crock pot. I was getting a real bitter taste to the food that just overpowered everything. Now I always saute it some before adding to the crock pot.

I think by putting the onion in the water, you might be actually making it mellow, and not getting the same effect from placing raw onions in the bottom of the pot.

Re: Sour taste in crockpot - farnfam - 08-31-2010

Thanks, Erin, good call. I will try a meal with the onions sauteed first. With the cool Fall weather just around the corner, I really want to resolve this crock pot issue