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The Silver Spoon - HomeCulinarian - 09-04-2010

Got a 40% off anything in the store coupon at Borders, so I went after work yesterday and bought The Silver Spoon. I'm so excited to finally have this book.

We are planning a 25th anniversary trip to Italy next September and have been cooking Italian on Sundays since spring.

I'm as excited as a kid at Christmas!

Re: The Silver Spoon - Gourmet_Mom - 09-04-2010

Wow, Jeanette...over 2,000 recipes?!?!? What a great sounding book. I'm adding it to my book list. Let me know what you think of it after you've tried a few recipes, so I'll know where to put it on the priority list.

Re: The Silver Spoon - Mare749 - 09-04-2010

Wow! I can see why! I've had my eye on that one for a while now. Will be anxious to hear how you like the recipes.

Even more excited for you about the trip. How wonderful is that? I keep hoping we'll make it there one day. I have relatives in Turin and Abruzzi.

Re: The Silver Spoon - Old Bay - 09-04-2010

We have it and love it!! Be careful though--the Italians cuts of meat are not exactly like ours. I think it was translated without taking that into consideration. I made the beef barolo on page 786 (with barolo!! ), and learned why I've never used eye of round before. You can't get it tender Next time I'll use either a top sirloin or even a chuck roast. You will love the book.

Re: The Silver Spoon - luvnit - 09-04-2010

Wow! This book sounds so exciting! So does your lovely trip. Even more exciting. Hope it is just splendid. We have relatives there and my mother and grandmother were born there. I would love to visit some day. Hopefully before we no longer know anyone.

Re: The Silver Spoon - Cubangirl - 09-04-2010

If you have a pressure cooker, eye of the round is perfect. I use it all the time and the meat comes out flavorful and fork tender. I have some Barolo I have been saving to make beef with Barolo and think I am going to try using the same method I do for my Cuban Pot Roast (made with eye of the round in the pressure cooker), a beautiful presentation when sliced.

Re: The Silver Spoon - pjcooks - 09-04-2010

I never thought of using my pressure cooker for that cut. How do you prep it?

Thanks for the idea!


Re: The Silver Spoon - Cubangirl - 09-04-2010

Eye of the round roast usually come pretty well trimmed, but I cut any extra fat or white stuff I see. If they are huge, I divide them in half so they fit in my 6 QT. cooker. I heat up the cooker, then put some EVOO in and sear them on all sides. For Cuban Pot Roast you generally stuff something in the middle (traditionally you would use Serrano ham, but any cooking ham (i.e., more salty than sweet) cut into a thick (1½") long slice (the length of the roast if possible) if not thick cubes will do the trick. I've subbed prosciutto for the Serrano in a pinch. I've also seen folks use a carrot, but I prefer the taste the ham brings to the party. Anyway, after I sear the meat, I may take out while I sauté aromatics or may just throw the rest of the ingredients in depending on my mood. Usually 5-6 lbs. roast will take about an hour. BTW, for clean slices, place it in the fridge for about 2 hours before cutting into slices, then reheat in sauce. IMHO almost any pot roast (or stew) benefits from being in the fridge and then reheated or even frozen.
I can't remember if I posted the Cuban Pot Roast recipe, but would be happy to do so if you want it.

Re: The Silver Spoon - Harborwitch - 09-04-2010

It sounds good - please please please.

Re: The Silver Spoon - Old Bay - 09-04-2010

Good method but I don't think beef barolo would be the same in a pressure cooker. Eye of round is best ground and mixed with ground pork to make chili. IMHO