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Wednesday Dinner? 9/8? - cjs - 09-08-2010

What's on everyone's menu?

I think we're having spaghetti and meatballs - been a long time.

Re: Wednesday Dinner? 9/8? - farnfam - 09-08-2010

Not totally sure about dinner, but THIS is definitely going to be the app

Re: Wednesday Dinner? 9/8? - chef_Tab - 09-08-2010

I hope it doesn't get too warm today. I have a chicken to roast. Since it is my last free day, thought I would do something that would feed us for days. Sides will be honey-jalapeno sweet potatoes and corn/black bean salsa.

That appy looks very good, Cis. Wish I could have two of those for lunch.

Re: Wednesday Dinner? 9/8? - Mare749 - 09-08-2010


Not totally sure about dinner, but THIS is definitely going to be the app

Oh, that just looks sooo tasty, Cis. And I have some of that balsamic cream to drizzle on it! Thanks!

Got hungry for meatballs for some reason, so was going in that direction...but those appys could turn into dinner.

Re: Wednesday Dinner? 9/8? - HomeCulinarian - 09-08-2010

Gazpacho and ???

Made our first batch last night and am looking forward to tasting it!

Re: Wednesday Dinner? 9/8? - farnfam - 09-08-2010

I'm doing meatballs too,it turns out. Greek meatballs with Tzatziki and homemade pita. Maybe olive and cuke salad. I can't wait to do the appy

Re: Wednesday Dinner? 9/8? - Trixxee - 09-08-2010

Husband is gone, child will want pasta, I'm going to saute a piece of tilapia with spinach and red potatoes as sides.

I feel like my blood pressure has gone up lately (always had perfect pressure) so I'm trying to eat potassium rich foods for a while before running to the doctor. I guess I'll have a banana for dessert.

Re: Wednesday Dinner? 9/8? - Harborwitch - 09-08-2010

I thawed some stew meat, a couple parsnips, and all the stuff to make a nice little stew for tonight.

We're loading the "basement" & trailer. Whew!

Re: Wednesday Dinner? 9/8? - luvnit - 09-08-2010

Well I have made two quiches today: Canadian Bacon, chive and meunster; and Tomato Cheddar. I will slice a few pieces off for my mom and her hubby, but the rest is ours. I am still trying to perfect my 'custard' for the quiche. Looking for just the right mix of egg, milk, cream and seasonings.

Re: Wednesday Dinner? 9/8? - Mare749 - 09-08-2010

Well, I ended up making two vegetable quiches since I had fresh veggies that I needed to use up. That's going to be it for tonight, we went way overboard this past weekend.

Cis, those greek meatballs in a pita sounds so good. Maybe I'll do that one tomorrow.