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Iron Chef & Huitlacoche (Corn *****) - cjs - 09-14-2010

The cows didn't have it Sunday night - Chef Garces used it on Iron Chef in one of his truffle dishes. What a great show, it was. I didn't delete it, Sharon, so you can watch it if you want.

Here are some of the other ideas made on the show that sounded like things to play with - His competitor was Chef Naomi Pomerory from Beast in Portland - great little chef.

a play on Chocolate Truffle Cake - wasn't well received

Saute mushrooms with truffle oil - one of those DUH moments!! seems like they just go together.

a Bechamel made with lemon zest, shallot, nutmeg, truffle oil and finished with spinach and heavy cream - a play on creamed spinach to serve with beef.

minced truffles in Pasta dough - pappardelle size - looked great!

also a quesadilla/torte similar to what Laura posted and the 'corn *****' mixture was used on this with manchego cheese.


Fun Show!

Re: Iron Chef & Huitlacoche (Corn *****) - farnfam - 09-14-2010

Corn *****??? Is this pornography for cows??? <snarf>

(Sorry, Jean, I tried to resist really)

Re: Iron Chef & Huitlacoche (Corn *****) - cjs - 09-14-2010

well.....try harder next time...

Re: Iron Chef & Huitlacoche (Corn *****) - Harborwitch - 09-14-2010

I thought about trying to freeze some and bring it to you - but . . . oh well - I know where to get it at least

Re: Iron Chef & Huitlacoche (Corn *****) - cjs - 09-14-2010

gee......that's too bad.....

Re: Iron Chef & Huitlacoche (Corn *****) - Harborwitch - 09-14-2010


Re: Iron Chef & Huitlacoche (Corn *****) - Gourmet_Mom - 09-14-2010

Good one, Cis! (Sorry Jean, but you've got to admit it was a great line...LOL!)

That was a good show! But I don't think I'll EVER be ready to try something with corn ***** in it...LOL!

Re: Iron Chef & Huitlacoche (Corn *****) - Mare749 - 09-14-2010

I thought it was a good show too, but unfortunately the whole corn ***** idea made me think "eeewww, yuck!"

Re: Iron Chef & Huitlacoche (Corn *****) - labradors - 09-14-2010

You know those brief commercials they sometimes have for food products where they demonstrate a simple and quick recipe? Well, on El Gourmet, the other day, one of the chefs was in a commercial for some brand of tortillas and I noticed that the text on the screen said it was something with huitlacoche. Unfortunately, I didn't really catch the whole thing.

That did, however, give me the idea to search the El Gourmet site for recipes they may have had from their regular shows, and found the following:
  • Huitlacoche and Zucchini Soup
  • Huitlacoche "Cappuccino" (no actual coffee involved, but milk, cream, onion, garlic, purple epazote, huitlacoche, and serrano chile, all topped with an epazote foam)
  • Huitlacoche Soufflé
  • Róbalo (snook or sea bass) with Pumpkin Flowers in Huitlacoche Sauce
  • Huitlacoche Peneques(another kind of rolled, stuffed-tortilla appetiser) with Salsa Verde

Re: Iron Chef & Huitlacoche (Corn *****) - Gourmet_Mom - 09-18-2010

This show is replaying on Food Network, right now if anyone is interested.