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Dunk Your Patty - cjs - 09-23-2010

From someone like Chef Laurent Tourondel (see below), I would trust doing this...and I will the next time I make burgers.

"Some chefs will say this is crazy, but you can make a burger juicier by dunking the patty in cold water for about 30 seconds before grilling." Chef Laurent Tourondel


Re: Dunk Your Patty - Gourmet_Mom - 09-23-2010

Well, isn't that interesting! I'll have to give it a try! Why not!

Re: Dunk Your Patty - Mare749 - 09-23-2010

Same here, we really have to try this one. How fun! And if it works, even better!

Re: Dunk Your Patty - karyn - 09-23-2010

I'm in! Next time we do burgers, I'll give this a try.

Re: Dunk Your Patty - Harborwitch - 09-23-2010

Interesting - I've heard about putting an ice cube in the middle - will have to try this!