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T.G.I.F.Dinner - 9/24?? - cjs - 09-24-2010

What's on the menu for everyone?

Finally, the poor little chicken breasts will be devoured along with some couscous stuffed portabellas.

Re: T.G.I.F.Dinner - 9/24?? - Lorraine - 09-24-2010

Not sure yet. It will depend on whether we eat at home or at the winery.

Re: T.G.I.F.Dinner - 9/24?? - cjs - 09-24-2010

Take pictures and notes!!!!!!

Re: T.G.I.F.Dinner - 9/24?? - Lorraine - 09-24-2010

Just heard from them. Looks like they are making good time.

Re: T.G.I.F.Dinner - 9/24?? - Gourmet_Mom - 09-24-2010

I'm so excited! And I'm not even going to be there...LOL!

When I stopped at the store, they had beef tenderloin on sale, so I grabbed that and a bag of Spring Mix. I was going to make an Asian Spiced Pork experiment, but I decided I just didn't have it in me. So I'm taking a break from experimenting for tonight.

Re: T.G.I.F.Dinner - 9/24?? - Roxanne 21 - 09-24-2010

I had some left over boulliabaise broth that I had frozen when the honeymooners were here......added some lobster tails and scallops...toasted some French bread croutons with a rouille and a light green salad---GOOD TO GO!!!! YUMMMMMMM!!

Re: T.G.I.F.Dinner - 9/24?? - cjs - 09-24-2010

Everyone to Roxanne's for dinner!! Welcome back stranger - hope you had a great visit!

Re: T.G.I.F.Dinner - 9/24?? - Gourmet_Mom - 09-24-2010

Hi, Rox! Good to see you! I hope you're planning to share the highlights of the honeymoon visit!

Re: T.G.I.F.Dinner - 9/24?? - HomeCulinarian - 09-24-2010

Wine and cheese reception at work; gazpacho and leftover calzone at home.. going dancing now...


Re: T.G.I.F.Dinner - 9/24?? - chef_Tab - 09-24-2010

Jeanette, your life sounds so fun and exciting.

I agree, run to Roxanne's for dinner!

We just cleaned out more leftovers from the fridge tonight. There was some bbq chicken, fried fish, pasta salad, and sugar snap peas. I am so tired it was great to not have much to do. TGIF has taken on a whole new meaning.