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Sun Chaser Trip!!! - cjs - 09-26-2010

Can't take this weather anymore - we're getting out of Dodge before we develop web-feet!! Tomorrow a.m. we're heading east to either Yakima or Wenatchee for a few days - it's sunny and in the high 70s/low 80s ( ) over there. We're saving our pennies for a blowout in Victoria next month, so we'll probably eat out of the Love Carbs book. Healthy and inexpensive.

Re: Sun Chaser Trip!!! - farnfam - 09-26-2010

sounds fun, enjoy the sunshine

Re: Sun Chaser Trip!!! - Trixxee - 09-26-2010

I can't take THIS weather anymore. The heat, my god, the heat!

Enjoy your trip, jean.

Re: Sun Chaser Trip!!! - cjs - 09-26-2010

Re: Sun Chaser Trip!!! - Harborwitch - 09-26-2010

I wish I could ***** you some of this stuff we've got. Gaaaaak! It's hot. I'd love to head up to your world - but we need to sit still for a bit.

Enjoy the sun!

Re: Sun Chaser Trip!!! - Lorraine - 09-26-2010

Good for you Jean! We never know what to expect. Yesterday was 96 and full sun. Today it's down to 68 and cloudy / rain.

Re: Sun Chaser Trip!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 09-26-2010

Lordy, I'm with Sharon. I wish I could box up this heat and send it to you, Jean! Summer doesn't seem to want to let go!

Like Lorraine, though, we got a little rain, not nearly enough, but it brought the temps down to the lower 80. I should take some pictures of the lake and post them with some previous ones I've posted. There is no water until half way down the pier. Cricket was "fishing" the other day out at the end and the water barely covered her feet!

Have fun on your trip, Jean!

Re: Sun Chaser Trip!!! - cjs - 09-26-2010

Daphne, aren't you supposed to be with Maryann and Ron today???

Re: Sun Chaser Trip!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 09-26-2010

Yes, we are back. It had to be a short trip for lunch and a nice visit...couple of hours. See the dinner thread. I've got grades to do! POOH! I should have done them yesterday, but I wanted to work on my recipes and cook up a couple of them, so grades became "out of sight, out of mind". I paid for it today by not being able to extend the visit for longer.

Re: Sun Chaser Trip!!! - cjs - 09-26-2010

Yeah, I saw that when I hit that thread - that's too bad you didn't have more time.