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A Review & Interesting - DFen911 - 10-12-2010

So I was going thru my C@H and came across the free issue to entice new subscribers. Well I am cooking my entire week from this issue. Last night I did the Salisbury Steak on the cheese toasts. This was a very good recipe! A few things, the onions take far longer than the 5 min they say to cook them. Also to the meat mixture add 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes. When you add the meat to the sauce and cook, I cooked for longer than 10 min. I think I did mine 30 min because I did the ground chuck and wanted to make sure it was very tender. This is a keeper.

[Image: CHSalsburySteakMedium.jpg]

On a side note, our trip to Redondo Beach "Taste the Pier" was a total bust. However we did go to a restaurant for fish taco's. Meh they were ok...but the salad was sure good and fun to look at I am so recreating this.

[Image: SaladincucumberbowlMedium.jpg]

Re: A Review & Interesting - Trixxee - 10-12-2010

Salad looks delicious and fun! I agree, the salisbury steak is great. I think it was my first ever C@H recipe I made. Thanks for mentioning it - I kind of forgot about it!

Re: A Review & Interesting - luvnit - 10-12-2010

Please Denise, tell me how you did the salad... Is that cucumber? How did you stick them together? That is so cute!

Re: A Review & Interesting - Harborwitch - 10-12-2010

The salisbury steak is fantastic. I must make that again soon.

That salad is a beaut! Bob wanted me to recreate the beet salad we had - but some person cut the greens off the beets and tossed them. I'll have to find some with the greens.

Re: A Review & Interesting - cjs - 10-12-2010

Looks great and sounds like they both tasted great. Will have to look for salisbury steak - I think I've done it.

What a bummer that the 'taste of' was a bust! Hate that.

Re: A Review & Interesting - Gourmet_Mom - 10-12-2010

Sorry your tasting was a bust. But that salad is just too cute for words. What kind of dressing did it have on it? I do an Insalata Blu that is similar to that with the pecans but with blue cheese. I use a balsamic based dressing that is very good. I'm with you.....I am soooo going to try that salad...probably one night this week.

Wait, that IS blue cheese, isn't it? At first glance, I thought it was feta.

Oh, I forgot....that Salisbury Steak recipe is one of my FAVORITES!

Re: A Review & Interesting - DFen911 - 10-12-2010

Laura I didn't make the salad but I did pick it apart. They just slice the cucumbers really thin. I think by bending them into the curve shape they naturally stick together. There was no flavor of salt or oils on the cucumbers themselves.

The dressing was a balsamic. And yes Daphne it was bleu cheese. It also had toasted pecans (yum) and cranberries.

Re: A Review & Interesting - Lorraine - 10-13-2010

What a great presentation for a salad!

Re: A Review & Interesting - Gourmet_Mom - 10-17-2010

Hey, Denise! I was watching FN, and the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate was on. The theme for this one was Nutty. In addition to Tyler Florence talking about a peanut spread from a place called Spread the Restaurant, Duff Goldman told about this salad from Todd English's restaurant, Figs. It was similar to yours, but didn't have the cuke ring. The cool thing about this one was the description of the vinaigrette. It's a Walnut Vinaigrette that sounded AWESOME! Another cool thing they talked about was that they freeze their blue cheese so that it can be grated over the salad.

Re: A Review & Interesting - cjs - 10-17-2010

Well, well -another DUH moment!!!!!!
" talked about was that they freeze their blue cheese so that it can be grated over the salad."