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My Baby's Birthday - cjs - 10-14-2010

His favorite birthday present? Food - a couple of years cheesecake sampler, cakes, cookies, etc.

This year -
Peanut butter cookies
No-Bake Chocolate-Peanut butter cookies
Butterscotch chip spice cookies (C@H's holiday cookies)
Chocolate chip cookies with crispy rice cereal (C@H)
Molasses sugar cookies

21 dozen cookies!!!

Boy did I sleep last night! I'll keep a few out for the neighbors and us, but the rest go to him (and Wendy)

Re: My Baby's Birthday - DFen911 - 10-14-2010


Re: My Baby's Birthday - Mare749 - 10-14-2010

Wow, now that's a labor of love, Jean! I seem to remember you saying that baking wasn't exactly your favorite. Beautiful cookies though, and BB and Wendy are sure lucky to be receiving them.

Re: My Baby's Birthday - Gourmet_Mom - 10-14-2010

What a lucky Birthday Boy! The cookies look wonderful!

Re: My Baby's Birthday - HomeCulinarian - 10-14-2010

I might put my self up for adoption to get that birthday gift! Beautiful!

Re: My Baby's Birthday - Trixxee - 10-14-2010

I couldn't pull that off in a million years. Looks so nice and delicious, jean.

Re: My Baby's Birthday - luvnit - 10-14-2010

Wow, doesn't that look impressive! Just lovely Jean. The organization and everything. Really nice.