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Homemade Wine!! - farnfam - 11-03-2010

We supplied the grapes and our friend the equipment. We used NY white concord grapes. We're really thrilled with the results especially since we had no clue what we were doing using the concords and all.
Any one else ever make wine?? I'm sure some one has

Re: Homemade Wine!! - cjs - 11-03-2010

How great!! What a wonderful accomplishment you and your friends mastered!! Isn't that fun? Oh, how I wish I was closer to taste along with you.

Roy has been making wine for about 20 years, so he's an old hand at it. In fact, we have no back yard anymore, he expanded out "vineyard."

Re: Homemade Wine!! - farnfam - 11-03-2010

We had read that the concord didn't make good wine and was only good for jelly. I guess those must have been "wine snobs" because this is such full flavored white wine, a hint of sweetness, like a chardonnay, but lighter. How fun to have produced this basically in a kitchen. We got @24 bottles from @40lbs of grapes... I think

Re: Homemade Wine!! - cjs - 11-03-2010

I don't know if you've seen the recipe I have for faux champagne, Cis, but it calls for Welch's (concord) white grape juice. When (and if) I ever have any leftover, Roy has made wine from it and it's delicious. A pox on the naysayers!!!

Re: Homemade Wine!! - Gourmet_Mom - 11-03-2010

Congratulations, Cis! We don't have what I consider "good" wine grapes around here. The ones we have are for sweet wines. The better wine-making grapes grow in the Piedmont and Mountain regions of the state. I was disappointed to discover this when we considered starting a vineyard at the farm.

Re: Homemade Wine!! - cjs - 11-03-2010

Wonder if you could grow Muscat grapes, Daphne???

Re: Homemade Wine!! - Harborwitch - 11-03-2010

Okay - spill the beans, or the grapes. We accidentally made champagne once. I think we screwed up and left 4 or 5 bottles in the storage unit in ND.

I really liked the process of making wine, bottling it, designing the label. We had so much fun. Have to see what happens, maybe next year.

Re: Homemade Wine!! - Gourmet_Mom - 11-03-2010

No, only Muscadine grapes, including the bronze variety, Scuppernong.

Re: Homemade Wine!! - farnfam - 03-22-2011

Say an anon was reading this and I noticed that Daph said "only for sweet wines"..... and what is wrong with sweet white wine????? I think it's lovely

Re: Homemade Wine!! - Harborwitch - 03-23-2011

Hey - we had about 3/4 c. of our red wine left in a bottle - forgot about it. We have amazing red wine vinegar - how'd that happen???