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Pandora's Pantry - Old Bay - 11-11-2010

There was in hell a man called Olif, who went to satan with a plan to torment all souls waiting on earth. He created a dough so wonderful, tempting, and delicious, it would be irrestable!!! BUT, working with it would cause such anguish, pain, and frustration, suffering would follow--torment on earth--satan loved the idea, and named the dough Filo, an anagram of Olif's name. He then opened Pandora's Pantry.

Re: Pandora's Pantry - Gourmet_Mom - 11-11-2010

Bill, have you been trying to work with Phyllo again? I thought you hated the stuff...LOL!

Re: Pandora's Pantry - Mare749 - 11-11-2010

I'm guessing there will be more to this story...

Nice to see you Bill. Sorry this is OT, but did you see my post for Braised Beef with Barolo? What a meal!

Re: Pandora's Pantry - cjs - 11-12-2010

Oh Bill, I feel your pain!!! Haven't worked with filo since I quit working (outside the home, as they say.... )

Re: Pandora's Pantry - Old Bay - 11-12-2010

We made a sun dried tomato pesto filo role for our Christmas parties--they turned out wonderful!!! Worth it now that's it's done!!

Re: Pandora's Pantry - Gourmet_Mom - 11-12-2010

I KNEW you were getting ready for your Christmas parties! That means LOTS of new party recipes! Goody Goody!

I wish we had the opportunity to do this. If I wasn't working, I'd have a party for all of Mom and our friends in Southport! Maybe I need to think about this...maybe not for this year, but.....

Re: Pandora's Pantry - DFen911 - 11-13-2010

Bill you should still have my address ***** me a few of those, they sound wonderful!

Re: Pandora's Pantry - Gourmet_Mom - 11-13-2010

For future reference, Bill. I assume you freeze these? And they thaw and serve as good as fresh?

Oh, and if you have any extras...don't send them ALL to Denise. You've got my address, also!

Re: Pandora's Pantry - foodfiend - 11-13-2010

Bill, Bill, Bill... you can buy frozen phyllo dough and it's so easy to work with-- why are you torturing yourself?!?!?

Making spinach apps with frozen phyllo was one of my very first attempts at "fancy cooking" after I graduated from college and the results were quite surprisingly good.