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What can I send to a deployed Marine??? - karyn - 11-14-2010

Our dear friends' son is about to be deployed to Guantanamo for the next four months. With the exception of one short cruise he took to Mexico/Western Caribbean to celebrate his HS graduation, it's his first time overseas. We love the kiddo to death, and I'd love to send him some baked goods/candy. I've never shipped food overseas before, but I'd love some suggestions of what he'd enjoy that would ***** well and how to ***** it.

Thanks for any help!

BTW, if this is a bad idea, please be honest and let me know what would be more appreciated!! He's going to be gone throughout the holidays, and I was hoping to give a little cheer to him and his comrades.

Re: What can I send to a deployed Marine??? - foodfiend - 11-14-2010

I sent dried cranberry-oatmeal cookies to my nephew and they shipped very well. Also biscotti; I believe that I sent a chocolate-hazelnut variation. Sorry I don't have more info but this was several years ago. I do remember, though, that shipping it via USPS took only 5 days to get to the UAE (I was surprised that it took such a short period of time).

Re: What can I send to a deployed Marine??? - esgunn - 11-14-2010

Karyn, I shipped stuff to my hubby while he was deployed to Quatar for 4 months. I think it took a week to get to him. I used those if it fits it ships boxes. If it is to an APO you might get a discounted rate on the large size box. I sent home made cookies - put them in the reusable food saver bags. Used bubble wrap. I also sent those starbucks VIA and Crystal light water packets you put in water bottles. I think we sent books that kind of thing. You want to make sure it doesn't have a lot of chocolate or something else that can melt if it sits outside for a while. Although I did send chocolate chip cookies.

Just knowing that someone is thinking of you is what is nice.

Re: What can I send to a deployed Marine??? - Mare749 - 11-14-2010

Karyn, I'm in a similar situation. My backyard neighbor is leaving to go back to Afganistan tomorrow. He won't be home until June, so I asked him for his address so I could send him something during the holidays. He told me that the best way to send things was in the largest unlimited weight box that they have at the post office. It's something like $11 to mail to someone in the military.

He also told me to give him a heads up if I send something so he can be on the lookout for it, so I have his email address as well. He said the other neighbors sent him all kinds of stuff like candy, nuts, cookies, etc. So, I'm thinking that something that won't melt or get stale too quickly would be best.

I would love other suggestions as well.

Re: What can I send to a deployed Marine??? - bbally - 11-14-2010

Just shipped a lot of Elk Jerky over to them. Combined with a group getting a large shipment together.

Bunch of them told us they love Jerky and other dried cure products they can carry with them.

Re: What can I send to a deployed Marine??? - karyn - 11-15-2010

Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I'm glad you mentioned about chocolate melting, Erin. That probably wouldn't have occurred to me.

I love the suggestion of the post office unlimited boxes, too. I probably would have packed it in some other box and paid too much.

Jerky is also a great suggestion. Do you make your own? If so, I'd love to hear the details. I have a dehydrator, but hadn't even thought of dried fruit, etc. I love the idea of including some savory stuff along with the sweet.

Thanks again, and if anyone else has suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Re: What can I send to a deployed Marine??? - chef_Tab - 11-15-2010

My nephew always requests tuna. I have no idea if he eats it out of the pouch, or what, but it is his number one request. You may ask his mom what his favorites are as well.

Re: What can I send to a deployed Marine??? - luvnit - 11-15-2010

Hey bbally! Where did you come from? We haven't heard from you in quite a while. What have you been up to?

Re: What can I send to a deployed Marine??? - cjs - 11-15-2010

Karyn, most bar type cookies hold up well for mailing. Don't know how long your friend will be gone, but the fellow we were sending things to a couple of years ago was a hunter/fisherman and loved getting those types of magazines - or car magazines. Also, M&Ms hold up well in sending.

Re: What can I send to a deployed Marine??? - DFen911 - 11-15-2010

Karyn; my company participates in Operation Gratitude every year. Here is a link to their site and they have a list of approved items that can be sent and what the troops really need. He probably won't even know what he wants and needs till he gets there.