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SHARON! (NEXT IRON CHEF SPOILER!!) - Gourmet_Mom - 11-14-2010

Are you watching? Marcus Samuelsson is on Iron Chef tonight! It's battle CORN!

Yo, Jean!

And naturally, they've got some of that corn fungus stuff, too.

Okay, so I may have over-reacted. I think this is a rerun. I think I may have even seen this one. The corn/sea urchin custard in the sea urchin body is looking really familiar.

Re: SHARON! - Harborwitch - 11-14-2010

Thank you Daphne but it's football Sunday. Bob only got to watch 1 of the two daytime games so I'll leave him in peace.

I love Marcus - but that sea urchin thing sounds both familiar and ugly.

Re: SHARON! - Old Bay - 11-15-2010

Marcus did well, but the judges really liked Bobby. I was surprised Ming Sai was eliminated earlier on "Next Iron Chef", just because of his celebrity. Maybe he was doomed because John Besh lost to "whats his name" last time. I'm still bitter about that.

Re: SHARON! - labradors - 11-15-2010

Pity. Ming is one of the ones I like, although I only saw a few episodes of his show when one of the Spanish-language channels that the cable company carries had them a couple of years ago.

When you say "Bobby," do you mean Bobby Flay? He just always seems so blah and overrated to me. Then again, I much prefered the ORIGINAL Iron Chef, and haven't cared for the American adaptation when I have seen it.

Re: SHARON! - Old Bay - 11-15-2010

Yes, Bobby Flay,--very talented chef and businessman, but really mostly personality in my opinion. The John Besh I was refering to is a very creative Louisiana chef who lost the last challenge in the last round. Pity.

Re: SHARON! - cjs - 11-15-2010

BILL! Never tell the outcome of a show the very next morning! Too many folks tape them and watch later. You are so lucky that I wanted so badly not to have someone mention the outcome before we could watch it taped, that I stayed up late last night just to watch it live and make sure.

But, that's a first for me - we usually watch it the next night. Boy, you'd be in big trouble.

Daphne, I hope you don't mind me altering the title of your thread.

Altho, I was sorry to see Chef Tio go, I love the results - I so wanted Tsai outta there!!!!

Re: SHARON! - Old Bay - 11-15-2010

Ooops, sorry

Re: SHARON! - Harborwitch - 11-15-2010

I agree with everything you said. Ming seemed a little "sad" and too cocky! Now someone spoiled it for me. We've got two episodes to watch. We're so behind, has to do with my two days off playing with my girls.

OH! Bill we were so sad when John Besh lost. We love him and his cooking.

Re: SHARON! - Gourmet_Mom - 11-15-2010

Thanks for adding the Spoiler Alert, Jean.

Regarding Ming, I agree, he always seemed so cocky, but never really "thrilled" the judges much. Most of his dishes seemed to bring some kind of disappointment. It was surprising to see someone deemed so "great" be so inconsistent.

And I was VERY disappointed when Besh lost! I truly believed he had it in the bag! I still don't like Symon much, only because of that. I know it's not fair, it wasn't his fault, but still.....

Re: SHARON! - Harborwitch - 11-15-2010

Daphne if you get the Cooking Channel try to catch Symon's "Cooking Like an Iron Chef". He totally redeems himself.