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Having computer problems - Mare749 - 11-18-2010

My computer is acting up and we have gone to all ends of the earth trying to fix it ourselves this week. So, it looks like I'll have to take it in for repair to the guy who worked on Ron's a while back. So, if I am MIA a bit over this next week, it's because I don't like to use Ron's computer that much and mine's getting repaired.

Re: Having computer problems - karyn - 11-18-2010

I hope your DC gets well soon! We'll miss you!

Re: Having computer problems - Mare749 - 11-18-2010

Thanks Karyn. You know, it's weird, right now it's acting fine. But, I know it's temporary and won't be long before it acts up again. I'll still be around, just might not be on as much as normal.

Re: Having computer problems - Gourmet_Mom - 11-18-2010

Miss you already, Maryann!

My hard drive died a little over a year ago, and I had it replaced. Now it's starting to do the same thing again. Funny, it doesn't make that jet engine sound unless I'm running MC, and there are times MC will just shut down. So I'm wondering if that's not part of the problem.

Re: Having computer problems - labradors - 11-18-2010

What IS it doing, Maryann?

Re: Having computer problems - Harborwitch - 11-19-2010

Bob's laptop swiped his martini (again) the other night. Now we just have to wait for it to get over the hangover and hopefully it'll be fine.

Hopefully you'll be back soon Maryann!

Re: Having computer problems - Lorraine - 11-19-2010

Hope it gets fixed soon, Maryann. Two weeks ago, he tried to install an update on mine, and it killed it. When we took it in to be repaired, it too almost a week, as they were flooded with folks having the same problem.

Re: Having computer problems - cjs - 11-19-2010

I'm sure as heck am not going to say mine is working so well right now... (I'm giving mine the sign of the cross)

Good luck with repairs and I hope he's fast, Maryann, we will miss you if you're not with us.

Re: Having computer problems - labradors - 11-19-2010


... he tried to install an update on mine, and it killed it.

Be careful about the SOURCES of updates, as well as the means by which you hear about them.

Regardless of the source. if something or someone tells you one of your programs must be updated NEVER click on the link. Instead, ALWAYS go back to the program, itself, or to the web page that you already know for the product (the latter by TYPING the address, yourself, NOT by any links or buttons).

The failure to do this is one of the ways in which people get viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. on their computers. Two of the most widespread examples of this are the fake Adobe-Flash updates that went around a couple of years ago and the fake "malware" or "Windows Security" programs for which people are falling right now.

Re: Having computer problems - Lorraine - 11-19-2010

It appeared to be a regular Microsoft update, Otherwise, he would never have installed it.