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What's for Dinner - 11/22? - cjs - 11-22-2010

What's on everyone's menu for this memorable anniversary day????

First anniversary - Pres. Kennedy's assassination, 47 years.

And, Roy & Jean - 42 years today.

We're having a Champagne brunch this a.m. with Schramsberg Crement, thank you very much!!!!

but, we are gong to be good - we'll just have some coffee cake, bacon and fruit.

Going down the hill for dinner and dessert will be chocolate/vanilla bowl of ice cream at Dairy Queen.

Re: What's for Dinner - 11/22? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-22-2010

I don't know. Still feeling crappy and going to the doc this afternoon. I HOPE to be feeling well enough to stop at the grocery store on the way home to get Thanksgiving groceries, so I'll wait and see what looks good.

Re: What's for Dinner - 11/22? - chef_Tab - 11-22-2010

Happy Anniversary Jean and Roy!!!!! Wow, 42 years and still frisky!

Daphne, I do hope you feel better real soon. I know your pain well.

We are having tacos tonight. I have the craving and it won't go until I eat at least 4 of them ................with my non alcoholic beer

Re: What's for Dinner - 11/22? - cjs - 11-22-2010

Well, at least you can have some kind of beer with your tacos!! It's UnAmerican not to - or is it UnMexican to not have beer with them?

Feel better, Daphne - she/he'll probably prescribe something that you can't have alcohol either. We're headed for a dry neighborhood, I guess.

Re: What's for Dinner - 11/22? - luvnit - 11-22-2010

How nice, happy anniversary! I think we are going out for all you can eat pizza tonight!

Re: What's for Dinner - 11/22? - Harborwitch - 11-22-2010

Bob and I are so happy to wish you the grandest of anniversaries! Wish we were there to bask in the glow!

I think we're having mundane tonight - something with pasta, cheese, and perhaps tuna. We've got lovely fresh brussels sprouts on the branch. So I think dinner is figured out.

Re: What's for Dinner - 11/22? - esgunn - 11-22-2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Well, it is really snowing now. Only got a dusting yesterday. Not sure on dinner. Wonder if we'll have gym tonight. That will influence dinner choices. We will have to see what happens with this snow.

Re: What's for Dinner - 11/22? - cjs - 11-22-2010

...and, after 42 years, he finally got to finish a bottle of champagne.

[Image: RoyChampagne.jpg]

Re: What's for Dinner - 11/22? - karyn - 11-22-2010

Happy anniversary, Jean! I love the photo. I hope you both are having a fabulous day.

Dinner tonight is either going to be a skillet dinner with pasta, spinach, and a bit of Italian sausage, or I'm going to play with the Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole. I'm going to try to simmer down the sauce a bit, chop the swiss cheese and ham and add it to the mixture, then put it into little hand pies.

My boys like having an assortment of these pies in their freezers at school so that they have an alternative to the fraternity house or eating out. I'll let you know how the work...I could have a mess all over my oven if they leak too badly!

Re: What's for Dinner - 11/22? - Lorraine - 11-22-2010

Happy Anniversary! Clean out the fridge night, as we are heading to Baltimore.