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cookie dough question----safety issue - Mare749 - 12-18-2010

Does anyone know how long you can keep sugar cookie dough refrigerated and have it still be considered safe to use. I certainly don't want to make anyone sick, so I'm thinking of just tossing mine and starting fresh. I made the dough on Tuesday, then never got around to making the cookies. Probably will tomorrow. I don't normally keep anything with eggs in the recipe refrigerated for more than 2 days, so this worries me. Opinions?

P.S. Yes, I did google this and got the most amazing variety of answers, anywhere from 24 hours to 1 month!

Re: cookie dough question----safety issue - Gourmet_Mom - 12-18-2010

Oh, Maryann, I will be no help. I am a freak over this kind of thing. I stand by the "When in doubt, throw it out" rule. I probably take it to the extreme due to a lack of food safety knowledge, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

That being said, I'll be anxious to hear what others say. I tend to be overly cautious. William gets so frustrated when I won't sample what he cooked for the guys at the camp on Saturdays. But I just can't bring myself to eat pork or chicken that has been sitting out for six or seven hours. This winter might be one thing, but last summer, I drew the line!

Re: cookie dough question----safety issue - labradors - 12-18-2010

Hmmm. Refrigerated, no idea, but it freezes well. Unfortunately, that's not the question being asked.

Re: cookie dough question----safety issue - ChefJimmyJ - 12-19-2010

If you followed usual cleanliness practices a week or two will not even be an issue. Ingredients are too expensive to just through out. Any thing that MAY have grown like Salmonella DIES by 150 degrees F, so by the time the cookies are baked, 190F for really chewy cookies,typically 200F the little Bugger's are long dead! Bake em and Enjoy! BTW I'm a Certified Food Sanitation and Safety Instuctor...JJ

Re: cookie dough question----safety issue - pjcooks - 12-19-2010

Welcome, chef jimmy! I'm with you here. Being certified as well, I think there is no danger here. I will make up cookie dough and refrigerate for a week or so before I get around to it.


Re: cookie dough question----safety issue - Harborwitch - 12-19-2010

Welcome ChefJimmy!

I've kept cookie dough refrigerated for a week without anyone dropping dead or getting sick.

I have to agree Daphne - my hackles rise when someone expects me to eat a protein that has been sitting on their counter "thawing" all afternoon. Gaaaaackkkkk.

Re: cookie dough question----safety issue - Cubangirl - 12-19-2010

I would not worry about it. I purposefully let my chocolate chip and oatmeal dough rest in the refrigerator for several days. Have some in right now. I have had it as long as a week once because I got sick and could not bake them. The cookies turned out great when I did. As long as it is fully refrigerated I would not worry.

Re: cookie dough question----safety issue - cjs - 12-19-2010

I'm with the others on this one, Maryann - I feel you're safe to go also. Glad you're feeling better.

Re: cookie dough question----safety issue - Mare749 - 12-19-2010

Thank you everyone! I feel much better about using this dough now.

CG, I would be interested to know why you let your dough rest for a few days. Does it improve the flavor much like letting bread dough ferment for a few days?

Re: cookie dough question----safety issue - Cubangirl - 12-19-2010

Yes, it makes a difference. The edges are more caramelized and crispy, the centers are chewy and stay that way. I learned about from the NY times article on the chocolate chip cookies from Jacques Torres. Here's the article . I've done tests myself and they really turn out better after resting, better after 3 days (they can go longer, but they are the same as after 3 days). I do that for Cranberry Oatmeal White Chocolate Jumbles as well.
I did not make the Torres ones this time, though they were very very good, just a little fatter than what I lik. I adapted the ones from Zoe Bakes and like them better, thin, crispy on the edges, chewy in the middle and they don't get hard.