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Checking in... - foodfiend - 12-20-2010

Well, I've been a tad absent recently but I have been lurking lately (not enough energy for coherent replies, though!).

The weeks have just zoomed by, haven't they? And we're at Christmas week!

I'm finally done baking (the last cookie tray was delivered today), the decorating is done, and all I have left to do is wrap the gifts. Luckily there aren't too many of those so it will be easy. And make a couple of desserts for Christmas Eve at my brother's.

Tonight we are watching It's A Wonderful Life as I try to get some personal correspondence taken care of. The rest of the week should be a lot less hectic than the last month or so has been.

Is anyone familiar with the version of Blue Christmas sung by "Porky Pig"?
It has provided me with several much-needed chuckles lately.

Re: Checking in... - Gourmet_Mom - 12-21-2010

I'm glad you checked in, Vicci! Theresa, the "hunter" is not available, so we would have worried. I'm glad you are finally ready. I'm either going to hit a whirl wind in the next few days or find peace in the preparations. We'll hope for the latter.

I will do all my shopping tomorrow! I just hope I have my list complete! My kids waited until today to tell me what they would like. Bless their hearts.....they originally said not to get anything. They are very aware of the economy since they are on their own for the first time. But I finally pinned them down today, so tomorrow will be a major shopping sweep! I'll be shopping for Christmas for them....little things, but still....and Christmas dinner. Wish me luck!

Re: Checking in... - Mare749 - 12-21-2010

Good to hear from you Vicci. Thought you might be down with that awful virus that's been going around in our area. Take good care and hope you have more time to "visit" now that the holiday preparations are winding down.

Re: Checking in... - Harborwitch - 12-21-2010

Vicci I'm so glad you checked in!!! Been wondering what you're up to and have to agree - hoping you'll have more time to visit.

Re: Checking in... - cjs - 12-21-2010

Let's all make a pact, no more sickness until after the holildays - it's not fair to be down in the next two weeks.

I'm glad also to hear from you Vicci - happy to hear it's life that kept you away.

Since we won't be home for Christmas, I think I will at least get the makings for Nigella's hot chocolate to share with the Miller clan, it is so good.

Re: Checking in... - foodfiend - 12-21-2010

Yes, no more illnesses for ANY of us. Hey, let's extend that through the next year!

Seriously, Daphne, do you do ALL of your shopping in one day?

Re: Checking in... - Gourmet_Mom - 12-21-2010

Seriously! It's just the kids, William, and Mom, so not so bad. I've got to run a few, or I'll be late for lunch with Mom and Baby Girl.