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Dinner, Thursday, DECEMBER 23RD - cjs - 12-23-2010

It's getting closer.... What's on the menu for everyone today?

We've been told we're going with Tex-Mex today - anxious, anxious!

Hope no one minds, but I'm going to use this thread to review our dinners/foods with Bill & Jane, then I can find them easier when I get home.

Let me tell you, MS Jane outdid her own self last night! What a spread she put on and poor thing worked so hard, she barely got to be part of the conversations whirling around her. I got some wonderful pictures that I will post in a couple of hours. Need to get in the house and visit a minute before Roy and Bill take off for a little.

But, what a trip! First the tire hubs, then replacing tires, then the heater (fixed yesterday)....THEN, pulling into Bill & Janes driveway, you guessed it - a friggin' flat tire on the trailer (not one we had replaced!)

Re: Dinner, Thursday, DECEMBER 23RD - Gourmet_Mom - 12-23-2010

GEEZ! What a trip! At least you got there! I can't wait to hear more about last night's dinner!

We had Bill and Jane's Grilled Salmon Grapefruit Buerre Blanc last night...DELICIOUS! So tonight will be Lab's Hoisin Sesame Ribs.

Re: Dinner, Thursday, DECEMBER 23RD - Harborwitch - 12-23-2010

Wow Jean! That's a trip!

I can't wait to see pictures! Have fun you all!!! Lots of details on everything!

Re: Dinner, Thursday, DECEMBER 23RD - cjs - 12-23-2010

Oh Daphne, you just can't believe this trip!!!

O.K., we now have power in the trailer, so I'm not on batteries for my laptop and here are the pictures from last night's dinner. What a wonderful cook Jane is and I love that she chose to do dishes that she wasn't familiar with - a couple I think she had not made before!

We started with the cheese platter - how could we not, with Allison (cheesemonger) in the family!
[Image: CIMG0168.jpg]
Aged cheddar, smoked Beef Master Gouda and a Stilton. Also, they had made a fig conserve/chutney that was delicious!

Here are Bill & Jane working in their beautiful kitchen!
[Image: CIMG0173.jpg]

Moving on to the salad - Roasted pear filled with gorgonzola and a wonderful light vinaigrette.
[Image: CIMG0175.jpg]

The entree was a provolone(?)and spinach filled chicken breast over fettuccini, but the picture didn't turn out, it was delicious. And this brussels sprouts dish from the latest C@H - grest recipe. Also, she had some beautiful Heirlooms to finish off - oh my!
[Image: CIMG0176.jpg]

Jane had creme brulee for dessert, but, darn it we were all so stuffed we didn't get to taste it.

Sure glad I've been losing weight before we got here - we'll be up to 300 lbs. soon!

Re: Dinner, Thursday, DECEMBER 23RD - Gourmet_Mom - 12-23-2010

Oh, how gorgeous everything looks! Bill and Jane really outdid themselves! I hope you guys are eating out tonight. I think they need a break before the main event tomorrow night....or is the osso bucco going to be served Saturday?

Re: Dinner, Thursday, DECEMBER 23RD - foodfiend - 12-23-2010

Wow, it all looks so good!

Tonight? Whatever Mom has planned...

Re: Dinner, Thursday, DECEMBER 23RD - Mare749 - 12-23-2010

No idea what we're having for dinner. Just wanted to comment on the gorgeous meal that Jane made for you. My goodness, I'm impressed!

Re: Dinner, Thursday, DECEMBER 23RD - HomeCulinarian - 12-23-2010

Wow, what a feast!

Re: Dinner, Thursday, DECEMBER 23RD - BarbaraS - 12-23-2010

Lovely pics Jean!! What a dinner that must have been!


Re: Dinner, Thursday, DECEMBER 23RD - Harborwitch - 12-23-2010

My goodness! What a feast! That all looks so wonderful - Jane really created a gorgeous meal!