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Everyone, Meet CheeseMonger!! - cjs - 12-25-2010

What a little cutie she is too -

[Image: CIMG0183.jpg]

We had a wonderful Chrismas Eve dinner and the wine flowed wonderously from Bill's wine cellar. I'll let him tell about that. But, the Osso Buco dinner was fabulous.

All went well until, I guess it had to happen sometime.....
Roy and Allison ended up under the table.....
[Image: CIMG0188.jpg]

You just can't take some folks anywhere! Now, it's Christmas morning and I'm on my way in to make Nigella's Rummed Cocoa and see if Santa stopped again.

Have fun this morning, everyone!

Re: Everyone, Meet CheeseMonger!! - Mare749 - 12-25-2010

Wow, fantastic picture, Jean! I love how Bill is just bursting with pride and happiness. You're right, CM, is a little doll!

Re: Everyone, Meet CheeseMonger!! - madmax - 12-25-2010

Oh Geez, I knew I shouldn't have let you 2 wander to far from Washington . OK I give what the heck is Dad doing under the table with CheeseMonger??? ...........And where's the Parental Supervision around Texas

Re: Everyone, Meet CheeseMonger!! - cjs - 12-25-2010

Tracie, just let me remind you of all the stories that were not for Mom & Dad to know may be years before you hear about this one.

Re: Everyone, Meet CheeseMonger!! - DFen911 - 12-25-2010

Let the rumors begin!!

Re: Everyone, Meet CheeseMonger!! - luvnit - 12-25-2010

Very Funny. Love this thread. We were just talking about Bill and Jean and the rest of the deliquents on this forum. That is what we love about you all!!