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Mother Sauces & Small Sauces (continued) - cjs - 01-03-2011

Some of you might remember a thread I did a few months ago re Mother Sauces and Small Sauces. THANK GOD I DID THAT ONE!!!

Got a call from Houseboat Don (our good friend in Portland)last weekend and he has a 'plan' for next Memorial Day weekend plus the following week - in fact, 9 days! The last time we 'played' with the sauces, I had made the five up ahead of time and we then just used them in many different ways.

His new idea is to come up and spend nine days and doing one sauce + small sauces per day.... Now, Roy & I have to decided if we can handle him for nine days. We love him dearly, but he is so gregarious (sp?), I'm afraid we will be completely exhausted by the time we send him home.

I just went back and copied the thread I did in November to send to him to look over between now and then. I must admit it is an interesting thread and if anyone is interested in learning about them, or refreshing your memory of them, here is the link -

I can't say how glad I am I did this beforehand.....

Re: Mother Sauces & Small Sauces (continued) - Harborwitch - 01-03-2011

That sounds like fun. Keep us posted!

We were talking to Francois last night about picking a country and planning a big dinner every week. I think it sounds like a lot of fun!

Re: Mother Sauces & Small Sauces (continued) - DFen911 - 01-03-2011

Good luck!! You could get 'sauced' before making the sauces

But all in all I think it would be a fascinating project. How about making the sauces and somehow using them deconstructed?

Re: Mother Sauces & Small Sauces (continued) - Gourmet_Mom - 01-03-2011

That's a big undertaking, Jean! I had wanted to play with the sauces, but with getting ready for Christmas, the trip, and hibernating and trying not to think about school, I didn't get it done. Maybe Easter Break.