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Wines with Dinner at Posh - cjs - 01-14-2011

We all, I think, are interested in learning more about matching wines with our foods. So, I'm posting the wines that were matched with our dinnr at Posh, plus one wine we tried with Dave & Pam. I posted this on another forum, but we here are interested in wines, too!

I just may have to call the restaurant and find the server's name that worked with the wines for our dinner - she just did an outstanding job.

Keep in mind there were four of us and she was presenting different wines to each of us, so I was really scrambling to write down what I needed to for my dishes yet hear what she was saying about others....not an easy task.

Butternut Squash soup with a drizzle of Beet soup and a cheese quenelle
a French Brut Dargent

a Bordeaux

Shortribs with polenta cake
'08 Oregon Foris Pinto Noir

Duck Leg Confit with a bean Ragout and Caramelized Crab Apples (which by the way the apples were just wonderful!)
Chateau Bouteilley '05 Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux

Chocolate Dessert
Il Santo Baroncini

The wine with dessert went well with the last little goodie Chef Allan passed around - Lemon & Green Tea lollipops!

One other wine that was oustanding and served to another in our group for his salad of micro greens, black grapes, goat cheese (don't know what else was in the salad) was an Arizona Stronghold Arizona White wine. What a nice wine it is.

One more wine I'll mention here, we tasted the next night at Chef Dave's and Pams. We didn't match wines to his dishes, just talked, ate, drank......
But, one Pam opened that we all really enjoyed is -
The Guilty, Swina Estate Victoria, Australia

And, those were two nights added to the days spent with Bill & Jane to remember from our 2010-2011 trip

Re: Wines with Dinner at Posh - Mare749 - 01-14-2011

Thank you for all the info. I've saved it for future reference in case any of them are available/affordable in our area.

Re: Wines with Dinner at Posh - Old Bay - 01-14-2011

You two really know how to have a good time! There is nothing more satisfying than sharing good wine with friends who appreciate it. We know, we did over Christmas.

Re: Wines with Dinner at Posh - Gourmet_Mom - 01-14-2011

Thanks for the info, Jean. Like Maryann, I will be keeping my eye out for some of those.