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What's for Dinner, Saturday, 1/15?? - cjs - 01-15-2011

What's on everyone's menu for tonight??

We're staying put today, so I'm making a big batch of spaghetti marinara and meatballs from C@H's Perfect Pasta. Haven't cooked out of it for a long time. And, the method they use for this is intriquing to me. Lay the veggies out on a b. sheet and top with meatballs, roast and then remove the meatballs and process the flavored veggies for the sauce.

Funny, there is also a typo in the recipe, it says to roast "the tomato mixture 4-45 minutes."

Maybe I'll get some of the Cheater's Ciabatta made if the sun doesn't draw me out.....

Re: What's for Dinner, Saturday, 1/15?? - HomeCulinarian - 01-15-2011

Sounds good, Jean.

We've got plans to go out to eat with some friends at a local pub style place.

Re: What's for Dinner, Saturday, 1/15?? - foodfiend - 01-15-2011

If I can find where I put the recipe, I have Chicken Curry with Roasted Cauliflower on the menu for tonight. But, as I think about it, I have a rutabaga and turnips that I bought to roast, so maybe I'll add the cauliflower and some carrots to them do roasted mixed veggies and... something... Well, I have about 5 hours to think on this one.

Re: What's for Dinner, Saturday, 1/15?? - DFen911 - 01-15-2011

I still have to go to the store and have no clue what I want to do. I couldn't get a decent brisket to smoke for today - Grr. Time for some magazine browsing to look for inspiration

Re: What's for Dinner, Saturday, 1/15?? - BarbaraS - 01-15-2011

Leftover Beef Bourgui-yum-yum over a thick slice of toasted sourdough bread rubbed with garlic and a nice side salad.

Have to get out a bottle of Pino Noir.


Re: What's for Dinner, Saturday, 1/15?? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-15-2011

William had me cross town to go to Wal-mart, so I thought I'd score the Basil and Italian Parsley for the Chicken Piallard dish....WRONG! They had a box of beautiful organic Basil, but they were out of the Italian Parsley! So I'm going to give up for now. I'm going to use the chicken breasts in the freezer to do Chicken Parm. Off to get my marinara going now.

Re: What's for Dinner, Saturday, 1/15?? - luvnit - 01-15-2011

Hubby is cooking tonight. It is one of his signature dishes called Tex Mex Lasagna. I wonder if I have taken a pic of this and posted it. I like the presentation, the corn tortillas stick up around the sides and corners and get nice and crispy. It tastes good too. Wish I had some Hatch Chile Dip to dollop on top.