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What's for Dinner, Sat., 1/22??? - cjs - 01-22-2011

What's on everyone's menu for tonight?

This darn new issue is driving me crazy! One is that Catfish/Cornbread recipe - I'd love to make it with Burr's cornbread and my fish batter, but, I know I should do it the first time as written.....but, it sounds so good!!

The decision for tonight was made for me. I described the Potato-Stuffed Poblanos to Roy and sometime during the day (yesterday) he sneaked off to the store and picked up two beautiful poblanos...... This is one hot issue!!

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat., 1/22??? - BarbaraS - 01-22-2011

Southern Fried Chicken with Nanny Hunter's Corn Fritters and red potato salad.


Re: What's for Dinner, Sat., 1/22??? - Harborwitch - 01-22-2011

That cornbread/catfish thing is calling my name - but Bob looked at it like someone was nuts.

I think tonight is going to be a tri-tip I picked up the other day and a big salad with fennel and oranges. Maybe some roasted fingerlings.

We'll be spending the day going to Riverbank to get all the stuff we left at the house there. It's going to be a long day's work, but they're selling the house and we've got to do it. Might get the reward of another stop at Delicato - they've a couple of really good new wines I want to taste again!

Jean we've joined two wine clubs! Aaaaaaaaaack! We need to be smacked.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat., 1/22??? - cjs - 01-22-2011

Which wine clubs?????

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat., 1/22??? - Trixxee - 01-22-2011

I'm heavily leaning towards mussels (though I don't have any at this point). I'm not sure if we would go jean's route, the japanese baked mussels route or something italian'ish.

All I know is I'm very excited.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat., 1/22??? - Harborwitch - 01-22-2011

We just re-joined Delicato. They're getting such amazing wines. We also joined Michael David. We may cancel that one - although it's close to home it's just on the verge of of being a bit pricey for retirement.

Delicato is now the official winemaker for Graceland. They do all the Elvis wines and they're pretty darn good. They've got a new Tempranillo that rocks!!!

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat., 1/22??? - Mare749 - 01-22-2011

We're going to a play (neighborhood playhouse) tonight, so we'll be having a late lunch of soup and and salad, then a snack of some sort after the play. We go to a small, family owned Greek restaurant sometimes for sandwiches and/or dessert.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat., 1/22??? - karyn - 01-22-2011

We're going out to dinner as well, and then off to see the Blue Man Group. It should be fun!

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat., 1/22??? - cjs - 01-22-2011

Oh, I'd love to see them!!! Have fun.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat., 1/22??? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-22-2011

I had planned the Yangchow Fried Rice for tonight, but William may stay at the farm again tonight. I don't know if that was a knee-jerk comment based on the frustration of the day, or if he will actually stay out there. Bless his heart, he had run an errand, kinda for me and had just gotten back. He was in the middle of frying chicken when I called him to come get me. He's also worried about leaving the car out on the side of the road until Monday.

I will have to tell you about his errand, though. A friend bought an old house a while back, and they have finally gotten around to remodeling. One thing they replaced was their oven. He gave us the old one. It's a 36 inch porcelain gas range. It's very old but in GREAT shape. William said it has 4 burners with a workspace in the center, and there is an oven with a drawer below and another compartment on the side...sorta tall and narrow. It's a Magic Chef. I haven't gotten a very good look at it, yet. But one thing I know, he's GOT to build my kitchen out there now!