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C@H 3 way meatballs - Cubangirl - 01-23-2011

A while back someone posted the recipe for C@H 3 way meatballs. It did not say from which issue they came. Anyway I wanted to say thank, thank you. I made a batch the other day of the plain ones scaled to use 3 lbs. of beef. (I was going to make regular and Asian, but messed up the egg measurement, so I had to combine it into one). They turned out wonderfully. I used a #50 scoop which gave me .8oz meatballs. I am now on a new HRT regimen which includes changing my eating habits. I am supposed to have 20g of protein several times a day. These are perfect (5 give me close to the 20g). I froze most, but have been eating the ones I left out just reheated in the microwave without a sauce, or with my Cuban black beans on the side. I even like them cold. So thank you. My program works so much better if I have food I enjoy eating already prepared.
I still want to try the Asian ones, to use in stir fries, but I won't get to those for a while now.
So thank you so much for posting the recipe and to C@H for creating it.

Re: C@H 3 way meatballs - cjs - 01-24-2011

I think it was Erin that turned me on to this meatball recipe - we love it also. Haven't done them for a while.

Re: C@H 3 way meatballs - vannin - 01-24-2011

my daughter makes a terrific meatball, its only a secret because she can never remember what she puts in them.