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Dinners for the Weekend - Old Bay - 02-24-2011

Friday nite--got a flatiron steak on sale for Jane & me. I will marinate & grill it like a flank steak.

Sat nite--both our sons will be here, Bert & Eric. Jane is making King Ranch Chicken and I'm making guacamole--two of their favorites!! Saturday, Eric and I will shop for a new laptop for me (mine was stolen in the burglary). Things should be a little more normal next week!!


Re: Dinners for the Weekend - Gourmet_Mom - 02-24-2011

"Things should be a little more normal next week!!" I know you two will be glad of that!

Both dinners sound really good! I'm playing with Pizzas and dinner review Saturday. I'm still looking for just the right thing for tomorrow night. If William follows his normal pattern, he'll be at the camp, so I get to do WHATEVER I want!

Re: Dinners for the Weekend - HomeCulinarian - 02-24-2011

Back to normal sounds good to me!

Have you already told us what King Ranch Chicken is and I've forgotten?

Re: Dinners for the Weekend - Trixxee - 02-24-2011

Sounds great!

I'm thinking ahead too (and I think it will be freezing and raining so grilling might turn my husband off).

Thinking of seared scallops with a meyer lemon beurre-blanc for one night. That's all I've got so far.

Re: Dinners for the Weekend - esgunn - 02-24-2011

Well my plans this week were all mucked up with the snow. Didn't want to put a dinner in the crock pot to be done at 8 pm and find gym cancelled or like last night over at 6pm. So, I have enchiladas on for tomorrow night and the potroast int he crock pot on for Saturday night after two gymnastics meets. No idea about Sunday yet. Hoping Steve will be home.

Glad to hear you are starting to replace your things Bill. That is so hard. Steve's shop was broken into a few years ago. He replaced the items and about 6 weeks later they hit again. That is when we got the alarm system installed.

Re: Dinners for the Weekend - Harborwitch - 02-24-2011

Both nights sound really good. Glad you're starting to get back to normal. It's really hard.

I have one night planned - going to try cochinita pibil in the crockpot, banana leaves and all. Francois is leaving for Germany Sunday so we'll have something wonderful Saturday night -not sure what, yet!

Take good care you two!