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Funny food photo - labradors - 03-18-2011

Chef Sumito Estévez posted THIS photo with the caption, "Who says a tomato doesn't have the right to be 'cheesy'?" LOL!

Re: Funny food photo - esgunn - 03-18-2011

Love it! Should have been for Valentines day! Showing it's true colors as the Love Apple!

Re: Funny food photo - farnfam - 03-18-2011

Oh I love that, Rob, too cute!!

Re: Funny food photo - karyn - 03-18-2011

That is adorable! It's so much fun when you get a funny-shaped fruit or veggie.

Re: Funny food photo - Gourmet_Mom - 03-18-2011

That's amazing! I agree. I love trying to figure out what a misshaped veggie looks like...LOL!

Re: Funny food photo - cjs - 03-18-2011

Have I ever posted Roy's heart-shaped old-man-blood-vessels-to-close-to-the-surface mark???? It's really wierd....

Re: Funny food photo - Gourmet_Mom - 03-18-2011

Not that I know it again!

Re: Funny food photo - cjs - 03-19-2011

Oh well, can't find it again - I run across it every once in a while...

Re: Funny food photo - luvnit - 03-21-2011

I love this food photo. I just find it funny.

[Image: piechart.jpg]

Re: Funny food photo - cjs - 03-21-2011

That is funny!!