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What's for Dinner, Monday, 3/2? - cjs - 03-21-2011

What's on everyone's menu for tonight?

I've got lots of leftovers in the fridge, so may have to be leftovers. I used all the Pumpernickle pizza dough for 3 different uses yesterday - as pizza (have l/os), as pretzels (couple left), and as stromboli (more left) and all were really tasty!!

The pizza had bubble & squeek, cleaned-out-the-cheese-drawer cheeses, corned beef, red onion, Muenster & Parm topping - good, but very filling pizza. The stromboli had mustard smeared on dough topped with Muenster, corned beef, and onion - really good!

Forgot to post the picture of on Pumpernickle....
[Image: PumpPizzaDough3ways.jpg]

Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 3/2? - luvnit - 03-21-2011

Yesterday was my son's baptism so we are having leftovers from that feast: Chili dogs, baked beans, nacho cheese, potato salad, and ice cream sandwiches.

Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 3/2? - Harborwitch - 03-21-2011

I have leftover chicken from the fried chicken Saturday. I think a chicken pot pie. Mmmmmm. Sounds good.

Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 3/2? - Mare749 - 03-21-2011

Probably a non-meat dinner since we have been nibbling on venison jerky since yesterday when we dried a couple of pounds of it. I'm thinking eggplant parm right now.

Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 3/2? - Trixxee - 03-21-2011

Cheating tonight with Trader Joe's mandarin orange chicken.

Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 3/2? - HomeCulinarian - 03-21-2011

We still have marinara from last fall to use up, so I'm thinking we'll have spaghetti tonight with turkey Italian sausages.

Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 3/2? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-21-2011

Jean, it all looks great! I love the stromboli idea. I hadn't thought about doing one....DUH! I save my extra dough so I could play with pretzels this weekend.

We're having the Pesto Chicken Melts and Romaine with Lemon-Parmesan Dressing from the new issue. I think that's what the salad is called. I had to get creative with the pesto. I KNEW I wouldn't get store bought sun-dried pesto OR enough basil and parsley to make my own without paying an arm and a leg. It just so happened I had sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil and store bought basil pesto (Christopher Ranch is one that I have found that I think is an okay sub if I can't make my own.), so I got my little chopper out and whirred the two together. Not bad! I think it's gonna work!

Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 3/2? - karyn - 03-21-2011

Jean, I love pumpernickel, and all three of your creations look delicious! I can't wait to have a kitchen to play in again at home.

Daphne, I've been eying the Pesto Chicken Melts, and would love to hear what you think of them. They sound really tasty.

We're commuting between the house with no kitchen or downstairs bath (where I tutor) and our lake house. It's not awful, but the lake house is an hour (without traffic) from our house, so the days are definitely longer. The good news is that the remodel is going really well. I love the cabinets I selected, the wallpaper has been stripped and the walls repainted, the granite guys made the template this afternoon, and I still like my contractor. Still liking the contractor is the strangest part of the experience right now, y'know?

We had baked ziti and tossed salad for dinner. I froze the ziti a few months ago, and it really hit the spot tonight. Even though it's pretty warm, we're tired and comfort food was yummy.

Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 3/2? - cjs - 03-22-2011

I hope things continue to go along almost stress-free for you during this wonderful/deprived time, Karyn.