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OT - SOOO Proud! - DFen911 - 03-23-2011

Some have already seen my post on FB, but for those that didn't I have to brag My daugter Laura is officially a published writer! She's on staff with an online travel magazine. Here is her article.

Re: OT - SOOO Proud! - Gourmet_Mom - 03-23-2011

AWESOME! I love it! The perspective is unique and fresh! You should be very proud! I know I am!

Re: OT - SOOO Proud! - DFen911 - 03-23-2011

I forgot to mention those are her photo's too. She's just so darn talented.

Re: OT - SOOO Proud! - Gourmet_Mom - 03-23-2011

You glow, Mom! That's your legacy!

Re: OT - SOOO Proud! - Old Bay - 03-24-2011

Denise, what a future she has!! I've only been to Barcelona--I must go back and spend time in all of Spain--the graffiti is incredable--puts the rest of the world (especially Union Pacific RR) to shame. The great church in Barcelona under construction for 100 years even seems three diminsional graffiti to me after her article. Great words and descriptions (and interpretations), the food and wine have already impressed me. Oh, the olive oil!! You should be so proud!!

Re: OT - SOOO Proud! - Harborwitch - 03-24-2011

You have a very talented daughter! That is so very cool. I am going to sit down in the AM with a cup of coffee and re-read, maybe out loud to Bob!

Re: OT - SOOO Proud! - HomeCulinarian - 03-24-2011

Yep, I saw it and read her article. I'm impressed!

Re: OT - SOOO Proud! - cjs - 03-24-2011

Oh, Denise - what a beautiful moving article! she is indeed so very talented and articulate. "Graffiti content is an easy way to understand the age and soul of a city." - this has been my mantra for years, but have never been able to put it in words.

I felt so much mother-pride, I can't express it.

Re: OT - SOOO Proud! - DFen911 - 03-24-2011

Thank you all so much for your kind words I've copied this thread and sent it to her

Re: OT - SOOO Proud! - Trixxee - 03-24-2011

Wonderful writing and pictures! I "liked" it.