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Hoorayyyyy! - luvnit - 04-06-2011

Okay, the kids and the hubby are leaving for the weekend starting tomorrow (Thur). They will be home on Sunday. I will have three full days to work and get organized. AND on Sunday we are having a B-day dinner for my mom, which will be Jean's Mole Tacos!

What a great end to a great weekend!

Re: Hoorayyyyy! - cjs - 04-06-2011

work and get organized...hope you'll take a little "Laura" time also.
Love those tacos.

Re: Hoorayyyyy! - karyn - 04-06-2011

Have a wonderful weekend Laura! I've also been doing a lot of getting organized and de-cluttering recently, and it's amazing how much happiness it brings. I've been a bit stunned by how donating stuff we don't use makes me feel so much more relaxed.

Ending the weekend with a family dinner and Jean's mole tacos sounds absolutely perfect.

Re: Hoorayyyyy! - Harborwitch - 04-06-2011


work and get organized...hope you'll take a little "Laura" time also.
Love those tacos.

I'd second that suggestion! Have a couple relaxing evenings at the least. All work and no relaxation make us all grumpy. (Of course so does all relaxation and no work!

Re: Hoorayyyyy! - Gourmet_Mom - 04-06-2011

WOW! Lucky you! Enjoy your weekend!

Re: Hoorayyyyy! - DFen911 - 04-06-2011

Oh I love those kinds of weekends. Not all the time, but every now and then they are treat Enjoy the party!!

Re: Hoorayyyyy! - luvnit - 04-06-2011

I am very excited and have been thinking about what I will prepare for ONE. I know I want to make tapioca pudding, from scratch. I love that.

I want to grill something, not sure what yet.

But then I draw a blank... After all these years of thinking what I would do or eat if I had nobody else to think of and I get nothing. What is a gal to do?

Now I just thought of fried rice. Love making that!

Re: Hoorayyyyy! - Harborwitch - 04-07-2011

Every now and then its "I need to miss you" time. LOL

Laura think of the favorite things that no one else likes. I'd think about a big bowl of runny cream of wheat. A grilled burger with no bun and a huge plate of salad. Some great wine and a really good book. Hmmmmm, fantasy island. I think I need a day to miss Bob - maybe working again is a good thing.

Re: Hoorayyyyy! - HomeCulinarian - 04-07-2011

I usually end up at work on the rare occasion I have that much time to myself. I'm glad you're looking forward to your weekend!

Re: Hoorayyyyy! - cjs - 04-07-2011

Tapioca? Oh Laura, have you ever made chocolate tapioca? Love it and haven't made it forever.

Interesting - I can't think of anything I would make if I had some "I need to miss you time" - have to think on that.