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Mayday Sunday Dinner ???? - cjs - 05-01-2011

Happy Mayday to everyone and what's on the menu for tonight?

Spring must be here - the wood fired pizza parties start tonight at the neighbors. Lots of good pizzas and fun! I'll take a couple appies.

Re: Mayday Sunday Dinner ???? - Trixxee - 05-01-2011

Fun, fun Jean!

The weather is so spectacular here today so a bbq is in order. Beer-can chicken - haven't made one since last summer. Baked taters and a romaine salad as sides.

Re: Mayday Sunday Dinner ???? - Harborwitch - 05-01-2011

I only work till 7:30 tonight. The weather is beautiful. Sliders and ?????? We'll see how it feels at 7:30

Re: Mayday Sunday Dinner ???? - Mare749 - 05-01-2011

We have Katie's first communion party today. I'm taking the potato salad. Holly made up party trays for sandwiches and my MIL is bringing the fruit salad that we always make for holidays. Katie got in on the preparations as well and helped Holly make cookies and brownies. And, of course, Holly ordered a fancy sheet cake from a bakery for dessert.

Re: Mayday Sunday Dinner ???? - esgunn - 05-01-2011

My FIl is grilling Beer Can chicken too! AND he is making the kids and I one! Yea! Just need to come up with a vegie and a starch.

I will probably work in the yard today. Can you say sunshine?

Re: Mayday Sunday Dinner ???? - Trixxee - 05-01-2011

That's nice of him Erin! Doing one, might as well do two!

Re: Mayday Sunday Dinner ???? - Gourmet_Mom - 05-01-2011

What fun, Jean! I know you guys will have a blast. I you test a new small plate, let us know how it went.

Oh, Maryann, how special! I know everyone was excited...especially, Katie! Just to think how her life started, this was a special one!

Awwwww! Too sweet, Erin! I agree with Trixxee, if making one, why not two!

Obviously, we are home. Just got unloaded! I'm downloading the pictures now, so I will hopefully have them posted soon. They are mostly scenery pics. Andrew and Tracie took us to their favorite spot overlooking Linville Gorge with spectacular views of the mountains and where Andrew PROPOSED last weekend!!!! There were some guys propelling, so we got some pics of them and of course I got a few of the new couple.

ANYWAY, on the way home I did inventory of what I had in the house and could whip up fast, and of course, Chicken Picatta came to mind. So we'll have that and a BIG salad.

Re: Mayday Sunday Dinner ???? - Mare749 - 05-01-2011

Thanks Daphne, it was a very fun day for the whole family. I think you may be thinking of Alyssa when you mentioned about how she started out. This was Katie (age 8) who had the special day. She looked adorable and the party was a lot of fun.

Can't wait to see pix of the newly engaged couple!

Re: Mayday Sunday Dinner ???? - Gourmet_Mom - 05-01-2011

Pooh! I knew that! I guess her big day is a couple of years off...LOL! I'm glad Katie had a big day! I envy your close little family.

Re: Mayday Sunday Dinner ???? - karyn - 05-01-2011

It sounds like everyone is having a great day! I'm so happy for Katie, Maryann. What a special day!

The weather was good today, but not as spectacular as it's been for the past few. We took a ride up through the mountains and wound up with an unexpected tour of some of the devastation from last week's tornadoes around Lake Burton. I'm always stunned by the randomness of the damage caused by tornadoes...entire homes were floating/sinking in the lake, while just a few hundred fee away, trees were missing only a few branches.

We had grilled burgers at a friend's house for dinner. It was a very nice way to end the weekend.