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OT - Steve - esgunn - 05-04-2011

Just got a call from Steve. He is in Texas and will be home tomorrow ! He is safe and sound and back in the states. I don't know if I want to grin or cry. A little of both.

Re: OT - Steve - luvnit - 05-04-2011

Wow!!!! That is terrific news!!!!!

What a wonderful reunion and Mother's Day you will have!

I think you can cry and grin at the same time if you want to. I would.

I am so happy for you and your family.

Re: OT - Steve - chef_Tab - 05-04-2011

What great news in the middle of the week! I am so very happy for you Erin. And glad to hear Steve is on American soil. Doing a happy dance just for you!!

Re: OT - Steve - cjs - 05-04-2011

I'm joining Theresa in the dance!! What a great weekend you all will have.

Re: OT - Steve - Mare749 - 05-04-2011

Doing the "happy dance" on this side of the country as well! Wonderful news, Erin! And just in time for a fun-filled weekend. Hope the children are all feeling better.

Re: OT - Steve - foodfiend - 05-04-2011

I couldn't get logged in fast enough to find out what you wrote, Erin. Yay! He's coming home!!!

Re: OT - Steve - Harborwitch - 05-04-2011

Oh Erin I am so happy for you, your family, and Steve! This has to be the best Mother's Day present ever ever ever!

I'm joining the rest of the gang - HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE!!!

Re: OT - Steve - labradors - 05-04-2011

Great news! Thanks for the update.

Re: OT - Steve - mjkcooking - 05-04-2011

Great Family News. - So happy he is back in the USA !


Re: OT - Steve - esgunn - 05-04-2011

Thank you all.

I feel sort of silly, because it was only a week long trip. But with all the developments in the last week and threats of increased activity, it really got to me. Especially on Monday when he flew into Iraq. When he is gone I usually avoid watching the news. I am just better off going through my daily busines.

Thank you all again for caring so much. This is such a wonderful group of friends.