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Self Promotion!! - cjs - 05-26-2011

Just sayin'.......

Re: Self Promotion!! - labradors - 05-26-2011

VERY nice and ultra cool!

Shall have to try those corn fritters. In Orlando, there's a great BBQ place called O'Boys and they havewonderful "corn nuggets" that they serve with honey for dipping. YUM!

Re: Self Promotion!! - Old Bay - 05-26-2011


Re: Self Promotion!! - Trixxee - 05-26-2011

That is so cool Jean! You are so cool!

Re: Self Promotion!! - Gourmet_Mom - 05-26-2011

Jean, that's wonderful! I hope you sell a pile after this!

Re: Self Promotion!! - esgunn - 05-26-2011

Wow! Great blog article!

Re: Self Promotion!! - karyn - 05-26-2011

What a great article! Congratulations, Jean!

Re: Self Promotion!! - Harborwitch - 05-26-2011

Jean that is so wonderful! It's a beautiful article about a great chef!

Re: Self Promotion!! - cjs - 05-26-2011

Thanks everyone - did anyone join Marilee's book blog?

Re: Self Promotion!! - Mare749 - 05-26-2011

Wow, very nice article, and well deserved, in my opinion!

To answer your question, no, I have not joined, but I will now!