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Ahi Tuna Hurray!!! - farnfam - 05-27-2011

We were very excited to find frozen Ahi Tuna steaks in our regular supermarket, Aldi's. They haven't had them for quite some time and today there they were!!!
If you haven't already tried it, you must try the grilled tuna steak with wasabi butter, orange salad and rice cakes in Issue 51.
That's what we're planning for dinner tomorrow

Re: Ahi Tuna Hurray!!! - Harborwitch - 05-27-2011

YAY!!! I'm craving some tuna, and that sounds so good. Enjoy!

Re: Ahi Tuna Hurray!!! - cjs - 05-27-2011

We just had Yellow fin Ahi tuna and we loved it too!!

Re: Ahi Tuna Hurray!!! - farnfam - 05-27-2011

Have you ever tried that one in Issue 51, really good and not fussy either. Really looking forward to it

Re: Ahi Tuna Hurray!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 05-28-2011

Thanks for the reminder, Cis! That's a challenge I didn't meet last summer.....ahi tuna done MR. I KNOW I don't care for it medium. I'm hoping I'll like it better MR like a steak.

Re: Ahi Tuna Hurray!!! - cjs - 05-28-2011

No, Cis, I have not tried the one from Issue #51, but just looked at it and it looks like a good one. Will have try it next time we have tuna.

We like ours rare with a really good sear.

If you have a bag of the tuna pieces, you might think about trying the poke on polenta that I made a couple weeks ago, really good, Cis.

Re: Ahi Tuna Hurray!!! - farnfam - 05-28-2011

Remind me what that was again, Jean?

Btw, the Ginger Spiced Tuna was just lovely, the rice cakes came out the best yet, must be I'm getting the hang of it. The orange cuke salad was soo good, we were in town this morning and I scored some fresh bean sprouts from the Asian market. All together a perfect meal for a nice romantic Saturday

Re: Ahi Tuna Hurray!!! - cjs - 05-29-2011

The flavors are really nice in this appie.

[Image: PokeonPolenta.jpg]

Tuna Poke – A takeoff of a Roy Yamaguchi dish.

Make a batch of polenta and chill – you’ll want about 1/2” -3/4” thick – cut in 2 – 3 bit size. Sauté pieces in 2 T. hot vegetable oil over med-high heat until crispy on both sides. Allow to cool on a paper towel.

Mix together:
1/2 lb. ahi tuna, finely diced
1 med. tomato, seeded and chopped
Tartar Sauce
2 T. fresh basil

Gently combine the tuna & tomato and allow to chill for at least one hour. Remove 1/2 hour before serving.
With an off-set spatula, spread tartar sauce on each polenta piece. Top with a spoonful of the tuna poke. Garnish with basil.

Re: Ahi Tuna Hurray!!! - farnfam - 05-29-2011

Oh that does look good