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Coconut Question - Harborwitch - 06-11-2011

I'm getting my stuff (LOL) together for the Mystery Box Dinner and had an ingredient difficulty today that I hope you all can solve with you experience and infinite wisdom.

I needed coconut - unsweetened coconut. Couldn't find any - so I'm wondering if rinsing it would take some of the sugar away???????

Re: Coconut Question - labradors - 06-11-2011

THIS MAY work. Don't know. Haven't tried it. Also, in one of the comments for it, someone mentioned that Whole Foods has the unsweetened in bulk, so you could try there if you have one near you.

Re: Coconut Question - Harborwitch - 06-11-2011

Have I told you that I love you today????? I think that will work. I almost think a little sweet might work, but

There's not much here but Safeway, Walmart, and a couple little local stores. I thought about checking the health food store - but it was closed.

Re: Coconut Question - esgunn - 06-11-2011

Sometimes if you check where they keep the bobs red mill stuff (by the flour or sometimes the hot cereals) you will find it.

Re: Coconut Question - labradors - 06-12-2011

Let us all know how it works. Would be a good tip to remember, if it really helps.

Re: Coconut Question - Harborwitch - 06-12-2011

WalMart & Bob's Red Mill??? Sadly I don't think so. I guess we should have checked the other store - but by then we were bushed.

Labs I'm crossing my fingers.

Re: Coconut Question - Cubangirl - 06-12-2011

Great tip, I hope it works. In the future if you want to have some on hand and can't find it locally, KAF sells it as do some of the vitamin supplement places like If your local supermarket has a health food section, look there as well, that is where it is in the regular markets here instead of having it with the baking stuff. Supermarket organization always has me shaking my head. It never makes sense to me (e.g. Morton kosher salt is with the salt and spices, etc., but Diamond is with the kosher items????

Re: Coconut Question - labradors - 06-12-2011


(e.g. Morton kosher salt is with the salt and spices, etc., but Diamond is with the kosher items????

...and "kosher salt" doesn't mean that the salt is kosher. The name comes from the fact that it is used in the "koshering" process for meats. That's why some distributors make the distinction between "kosher-certified salt" and "koshering salt."

Supermarket product placement can be a mystery, anyway, since it's not just a question of the ignorance of the store managers but also of the politics and payoffs of the distributors who fight for shelf space and visibility.

Re: Coconut Question - cjs - 06-12-2011

What a great hint!! I've run into that once in a while - having one and need the other. Now, if I can cement that little tidbit in my mind....