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Interesting Day - Yesterday! - cjs - 06-16-2011

Our day spent in the big city - stopped at Central Market and you all know how that stop is!!

to back up a minute - Tuesday night we watched a food truck show on the Cooking channel (ooops, forgot to tell you, Daphne, Roy got the channel pkg for Mother's day) and one of the trucks offered a taco with seared tuna and seaweed salad. So, back to my story of stopping at Central market...

I always stop at the fish counter to pick up a container seaweed salad and as I was talking to the fish monger, I mentioned that taco and surprise, she had just seen the same show and we were both drooling over the taco. So, I broke the "don't buy any meat/fish/poultry" rule and picked up some beautiful yellowfin. Now, I have to find the recipe for those tacos. (I also cheated and bout a golden trout to smoke today.... )

Then, we come home and end up going bar (or restaurant) hopping to watch the Stanly Cup with different groups. With Canada just across the straits from us, you can imagine how big these games have been. Canada lost! Historically (sp?), whoever gets the first score goes on to win, but we were sure hoping there could be an upset.

Then, the riots!! We could not believe this happened over there - it was so ugly! But, just heard the news this a.m. 8,000 folks showed up this morning to clean Vancouver city up!!

What an exhausting day it was!!

Re: Interesting Day - Yesterday! - Gourmet_Mom - 06-16-2011

I can't wait to hear what you do with the yellowfin. It sound like a wonderful day!

So cool about the volunteers showing up to clean up this am. I was really shocked to think the fans went so crazy.

Re: Interesting Day - Yesterday! - Mare749 - 06-16-2011

Sounds like a fun day to me, Jean. And, it's really great that you go see your aunt like that each month. Makes me want to drive up to Chicago to visit my favorite aunt. Think I'll make that a goal for this summer.

That's a shame about the riots, but also pretty heart-warming that so many people showed up to help clean it up.

Re: Interesting Day - Yesterday! - BarbaraS - 06-16-2011


That's really sweet of you and hubby to stay in touch with your Aunt. I have no more aunts and uncles. They're all gone. Hubby's 94 YO aunt passed this last April and I used to keep in touch with her because we had the 2 C's in common - cats and cooking. She was on her own until she fell last December adn then things spiraled from there.

Oh, and the Public Market!! Please do tell what you purchased!! I fell in love with the seafood and the flower vendors and if I had a house that could display 3 foot tall vases, I would be filling them every week from that market!


Re: Interesting Day - Yesterday! - Trixxee - 06-16-2011

An old boyfriend of mine used to catch a lot of yellowfin and we used to grill it, teriyaki style. Fantastic. The day we broke up was a bad day indeed.

Re: Interesting Day - Yesterday! - Harborwitch - 06-16-2011

Quite the day "young lady"! How is your Aunt???? She must feel so special and pampered when you show up with all the goodies.

Mmmmmmmmmm, yellowfin! Did you see the tuna ceviche in the current Food & Wine??? I'm dying to make that.

Re: Interesting Day - Yesterday! - cjs - 06-17-2011

No, didn't see it yet, Sharon. Today, I'm going to play with making a yellowfin tuna and seaweed salad taco "à la" foodcart show I saw on cooking channel.

We have so much fun with my aunt - don't know what we'll do when our 3rd Wednesdays are empty.... anyone read "Mondays with Maurie"? Loved that book.

Re: Interesting Day - Yesterday! - Harborwitch - 06-17-2011

That book was absolutely wonderful! Loved it.

Have fun with the tuna taco. Sounds interesting.

Re: Interesting Day - Yesterday! - Old Bay - 06-18-2011

Vancouver is a lovely city--I've been there and want to return--there is a radical element in every city--no judgement here--I'm with the mayor--we all live in glass houses, Judge not.

Re: Interesting Day - Yesterday! - Cubangirl - 06-18-2011

Did you mean Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. I thought it was great too as was The Five People You Meet in Heaven. There is a website called Mondays with Marlo about Marlo Thomas and her appearance on Dr. Oz. but I did not think you meant that one.