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Fathers Day - 6/19, What's For Dinner? - Old Bay - 06-17-2011

Jane is making a Barolo Beef for me using a top sirloin roast--my son Bert is joining us (he's local) the rest of our kids and grandkids are coming for a long 4th of July weekend--Jane is also making gnocchi to put with the sauce--and I will serve an 11 year old Barolo with it!! Bert wants an iceberg wedge-----he will get homemade ranch--we will have blue cheese crumbles and a garlic and herb vinagerette.

Re: Fathers Day - karyn - 06-18-2011

Your dinner sounds awesome! I love Barolo Beef, but I've never served it with gnocchi. I'll have to give that a try.

We're doing Father's Day dinner tonight, because it's much easier for the boys to be home when it's not s school/work night. We're having Indivicual Beef Croustades with Boursin and Mushrooms, green beans, and, in honor of John's favorite candy bar, an Almond Joy Tart. I think I'm just going to have veggies and dip for an appy, because it's a pretty rich meal.

Re: Fathers Day - cjs - 06-18-2011

It's only appropriate "Father" starts this thread!!

No kids around, and Roy made his wishes known very early - Grilled sausages with the bok choy stir-fry. Which has now morphed into Sausage and Bok Choy Paella, thanks to Laura!!

Re: Fathers Day - Gourmet_Mom - 06-18-2011

Wow! Some special dinners going on here! None of the kids will be home tomorrow, but BG is planning to come home Monday, so I'm planning to do Father's Day pizzas then. Tomorrow will probably just be regular Sunday burgers and fries.

Re: Fathers Day - cjs - 06-18-2011

Pizza? Pizza? - I have not had a pizza for at least a did that happen????????????

Re: Fathers Day - Mare749 - 06-18-2011

The girls are making dinner at Holly's house for all the dads. Last I heard they were grilling marinated chicken breasts, making an orzo salad, artichoke dip, and I can't remember what else.

Re: Fathers Day - Gourmet_Mom - 06-18-2011

Same here, Jean! I'm looking forward to it. I've got truffle dough and herb dough in the freezer. So it's going to be gruyere, clams, mushroom, and bacon truffle dough pizza and William's favorite: Italian sausage, pepperoni, cheddar and mozzarella cheese pizza. Ashley hasn't tried the truffle pizza yet, so she's in for a real treat! She LOVES mushrooms and clams!

Re: Fathers Day - Trixxee - 06-18-2011

I'm not sure what we're doing for dinner tomorrow but we're going out for an early Father's Day lunch today. Will head down to Newport Beach. This place makes amazing sausages among many other things. Too bad we are in the middle of deep June Gloom. Probably won't see the sun near the coast today.

Re: Fathers Day - cjs - 06-18-2011

Oh my, Sabatinos sounds like a fun place to shop!!

Re: Fathers Day - Gourmet_Mom - 06-18-2011

Good grief! How do you choose?