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Fish Watch - DFen911 - 06-19-2011

Well today as I was making my crab cakes it dawned on me that I should have checked the watch list. Sure enough, King Crab is on the avoid list along with many of my other favorites. While we must do without, the greater good is that this will make these fish available for our children.

So I am sharing the link and you can click on your region and see what is ok to eat and what is should not.

Monterey Bay Fish Guide

Re: Fish Watch - Gourmet_Mom - 06-19-2011

Good info, Denise! I'm glad to see that my favs are on not on the Avoid list! Thanks, Denise!

Re: Fish Watch - cjs - 06-20-2011

Only imported King crab is on the endangered list - not U.S. Besides Dungeness is much, much better, imo.

Re: Fish Watch - DFen911 - 06-21-2011

Oh Dungeness...YUM!!!

Re: Fish Watch - Old Bay - 06-21-2011

Some of the guide is ---just out of reason--Gulf Snapper??? With the advent of oil rigs snapper is thriving!!! Some say Chilean Seabass are threatened, others say sustainable--don't believe everthing you read--Monterey? Anything with that moniker is suspect. I love Dungeness--yes, yes, and I love toothfish.

Re: Fish Watch - labradors - 06-21-2011

Bill, I discovered the guide a long time ago. It IS known to have a stronger political basis than a scientific one (Monterey, as you said), but it can still be useful (at least for knowing what fish not to serve certain guests - LOL!).