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Sunday Dinner, 7/17??? - cjs - 07-17-2011

What's on the menu for everyone today?

I'm going to go back thru the threads for T.G.I.F. and Saturday dinners you all did and get an idea. Sure a lot of good ones.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/17??? - Harborwitch - 07-17-2011

I am doing the injected chicken. I was going to do the mango cucumber rice - might still, but will have to get another mango. Blanched green beans with scallions & sesame seeds. I am just loving the flavor profile ideas.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/17??? - DFen911 - 07-17-2011

I'm not sure yet...I did a bad thing...I renewed my Costco card so we're heading there this morning. My hope is this time rather than my grocery bills going up and I get them to go down by buying in bulk.

My food saver decided to die...darn thing only last 2 years So I may have to get a new one. I loved that thing!

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/17??? - Harborwitch - 07-17-2011

Contact FoodSaver - describe the problem. Billy had such good luck with them. Depending on what it quit doing it might be fixable.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/17??? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-17-2011

Oh, boy! I had to bite the bullet and buy a new one, also, Denise. But it was cool, I got one of the newer models that stand up and hold the rolls. I love it!

I'm finally going to do my lobster stuffed tenderloin today. YUM! I'm just going to boil some fresh potatoes and serve with butter and a simple salad with cukes and tomatoes from the garden.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/17??? - cjs - 07-17-2011

Billy had good luck with them - I sure didn't. They gave me a hell of a time! But, I love the product so much, I worked around them.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/17??? - Harborwitch - 07-17-2011

Daphne that dinner sounds amazing! Lucky William! Lucky you!

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/17??? - cjs - 07-17-2011

O.K., we're having leftover Leftover Pizza Torta....

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/17??? - Trixxee - 07-17-2011

We're going out for italian with some of my family but for lunch we did have the mojo marinated pork tenderloin tacos for lunch that we were supposed to have yesterday. Delicious. I may never make tacos any other way (grilled the tortilla with beans and cheese on it).

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/17??? - Lorraine - 07-17-2011

We cleaned out a freezer yesterday, and found a container of Sunday Gravy.I bought some big fat bucatini in Baltimore, and we have a great baguette. Some tomatoes from the garden, and homemade frozen yogurt thing for desert, one is pineapple, the other blueberry.