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Sturgeon - piano226 - 07-29-2011

If you ever have a chance of buying a fresh sturgeon and have a smoker you are going to be very happy. I have a local asian market that has huge thick pieces of sturgeon that I smoke. I dont know if I ever had a more delicious smoked fish.

Re: Sturgeon - cjs - 07-29-2011

I used to do Sturgeon when we were in California and I sure agree with you, Marina!!

Re: Sturgeon - Mare749 - 07-29-2011

I've never tried it, but will check with my fish market. How long does it take to smoke? (approximately) And to what temperature?

Re: Sturgeon - piano226 - 07-29-2011

well i usually buy about 6 lbs all in one piece and i pour a layer of salt on it and let it sit for maybe 3-6 hours depending on the thickness of the fish. Rinse the salt of and smoke at 200 for about 3-4 hours.

Re: Sturgeon - Harborwitch - 07-30-2011

Smoked sturgeon is awesome. I may have to suggest that to Caleb - he has sturgeon and a smoker. Drooling just thinking about it.

Re: Sturgeon - mjkcooking - 07-30-2011

I used to purchase from a smoke house in Iowa along the Mississippi
They used a Honey Smoke on the fish.

Re: Sturgeon - cjs - 07-30-2011

"They used a Honey Smoke on the fish." - well now!!

Re: Sturgeon - piano226 - 07-30-2011

How do you do a honey smoke?

Re: Sturgeon - cjs - 07-30-2011

I'm thinking I can just add honey to make a moist rub to begin with and maybe add a little honey to the apple spray while it's smoking???? Not sure, haven't looked into it yet.

O.K., here's what I found looking around and I am so ready to do one of these.

Number 1 - Honey Cured Smoked Salmon

1 qt water
½ cup salt
1 cup honey
¼ cup lemon juice
10 cloves
10 allspice berries
1 bay leaf
1 large fillet of salmon

Suggested wood chips: Hickory or apple

Combine all of the ingredients except salmon to make a brine. Place the salmon, skin side up, in a baking dish and cover with brining liquid. Allow fish to brine for two hours. Rinse salmon in cold water and pat dry. Place salmon on a drying rack (or grill rack that you will use to smoke the salmon on) and allow to air dry for at least 1 hour. Smoke the salmon skin side down for about 1 – 1 ½ hours at 160 degrees.


Number 2 - Honey-Cured Smoked Salmon
1 quart water
½ cup salt
¾ cup honey
¼ cup golden rum
10 whole cloves
10 allspice berries
1 bay leaf
1 large salmon fillet

Combine first 7 ingredients to make the brine.

Place salmon, skin side up, in a non-reactive dish and cover with the brine liquid. Allow to brine for 2 hours.
(I used a big Ziploc bag)

Rinse the fillet in fresh water and pat dry with paper towels.

Place the fillet on a drying rack (you can use the grill rack you will be smoking the fillet on) and allow to air dry for about one hour.

Smoke salmon skin side down with your choice of wood for about 1 ½ hours; maintain temperature at 160° F. (I used apple and cherry)