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Green Walnuts - piano226 - 07-31-2011


We have a huge walnut tree and never get any walnuts because squirrels eat them up before they harden. I heard that green walnut preserve is really good. Anybody attempted to do it? I found a couple of recipes and what a process but curiosity killed the cat and thus the walnuts now are soaking in water.

Re: Green Walnuts - cjs - 07-31-2011

Crap - I just lost my long post! We used to have walnuts in our orchard, but I never worked with green. We'd shake the trees and pick up the walnuts and painstakingly shell them onto orchard trays which were then left in the sun to dry.

One word of warning tho, wear really heavy rubber gloves when working with them, the shells will blacken your hands for about a week. I used to work in a little donut shop during these days and my boss used to cringe when I came into work durng 'walnut' days.

Can you net at least a portion of your tree so you can have some of them? What kind are they? We had English.

Re: Green Walnuts - piano226 - 07-31-2011

Yes the warning on gloves is appreciated , I saw that warning on every recipe i looked at. I have no idea what kind of tree it is. As for getting walnuts out of it...seems soooo much easier to run to Trader Joe's or a local Persian market and get already shelled ones.

Re: Green Walnuts - cjs - 07-31-2011

You sissy, Marina!!!!

Re: Green Walnuts - Harborwitch - 08-01-2011


You sissy, Marina!!!!

What she said! There were black walnut trees along the road when we were at the marina - people used to walk alongside the road and pick up the walnuts to take home and "cure" & save. They were black walnuts and everyone raved about them.