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Zephyr squash - DFen911 - 07-31-2011

My friend just gave me 10 of these beauties. I like them raw but I'm curious if they could be pickled? Any one have experience with these?

[Image: zephyr_squashR.jpg]

Re: Zephyr squash - Harborwitch - 08-01-2011

Oooooh painted zucchini! I don't see why not. Those are beautiful.

Re: Zephyr squash - cjs - 08-01-2011

Probably, but I've found we just don't like the zucc/squash pickles I've made, so I've given up on them.

neat looking, I've never seen them.

Re: Zephyr squash - DFen911 - 08-01-2011

The skin is pretty tender, I was thinking "bread and butter pickles". I recall my grandmother making them out of zucchini but cannot find her recipe

Re: Zephyr squash - cjs - 08-01-2011

That's what I made with mine - I think I posted my B&B pickles in your other thread. We just prefer cucumbers

Re: Zephyr squash - Mare749 - 08-01-2011

Those are pretty. I've never seen them before. I have no experience making pickles, so no comment. Just wanted to compliment your pic. Personally, I would just be grilling those babies!